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Bad Boy's P.O.V

After eating some home-made pizza and picking a movie which was called 'The Best of Me' both me and Prankster sat down on the sofa inches apart when Prankster finally decided to speak.

"Why do you like her Bad Boy? Not that it matters, I'm just curious since you're like polar opposites!" Prankster asked going bright red not wanting me to get the wrong idea.

"Truth is I don't like her in a relationship sort of way, sure she is pretty and kind but I could never date her. I guess I just want to have a relationship because the girl I like isn't into me; she's into one of my friends which kills me inside. I think I might break up with her because I can't keep denying my feelings for this one girl, especially now she knows my secret." I told Prankster as I looked into her beautiful eyes I got lost in and I raised my hand brushing a strand of her hair behind her ear, why did she make me feel like this?

"I knew you didn't like her and the truth is Baxter is a pretty bad boyfriend, he always leaves me after school and our dates are so boring I would rather watch paint dry. I guess I want to give him a shot but he has been acting odd and distant lately and keeps pressuring me into things I don't want to do. Plus I like another guy who I shouldn't like at all, this guy is different though; he makes me feel special whereas Baxter makes me feel so...insecure!" Prankster told me smiling which revealed her dimples but I felt a surge of jealousy when she mentioned another guy and I felt anger surge through me when she mentioned Baxter pressuring her, that bastard would pay.

"Baxter doesn't deserve you; you deserve the world and more Prankster. You should break up with Baxter if he makes you feel like that, he is distant with me too and is always out. You deserve so much more and I wish I could give you everything. I try to forget about you by hanging with other girls but I can't since you're always on my mind, I really like you and I don't want to ruin our friendship but I can't hide this anymore!" I told Prankster as I let all my feelings out, she needed to know how I really felt about her.

"I-I feel the same way, I have liked you for a while and all my feelings came back when we did our first prank. I feel so much closer to you now we have no secrets but I don't deserve you Bad Boy, you are so brave and what am I? A girl who is dating a guy she doesn't even like and has to have so much tutoring just to get a C. I'm the girl who is always second best" Prankster told me frowning to herself, couldn't she see how amazing she really was? I looked into her eyes and wiped away a tear which went down her face as I looked at every single crevice of her face admiring the beauty in front of me, like the small scar on her forehead she got at the age of five, the small dimple she had and the slight bump in her nose which made her even more attractive in my eyes.

I know I shouldn't kiss her right this moment but damn I had to, I needed her lips on mine, I want her. I want to show this girl how perfect she is with a simple kiss. 'Fuck it' is what I thought as I attached both of our lips and softly kissed her. At first I was hesitant that she wouldn't kiss back but a second later she attached her slightly chapped and cherry tasting lips to mine as I started to kiss her more passionately and our connection was un-deniable at this moment in time.

As I kissed her softly she started tugging at my hair causing me to groan as she kissed me more passionately than I thought was possible. After breaking away for a second whilst we got our breath back I started kissing Prankster's jaw causing her to groan until she jumped up out of her seat with a red mark on her neck and a horrified expression.

"We shouldn't have done that Bad boy. I have a boyfriend...I have to go!" Prankster told me before rushing out the house, I'm such an idiot but it was worth it, that was the best kiss I had ever had in my life and in that moment I realised I'm in love with my best friend and partner in crime.


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