I'm Only Rude When It Comes To Pshyos like you

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Lily's Pov

Saturday which meant dance rehearsals till six at night and then I have to meet Ethan to do the project, which he said well he didn't really say it he informed me and I quote " tomorrow come to mine and start the project" he basically ordered me to do ugh. He's such a dick.

I cannot wait in till it's over with, he said to meet him at some boxing place it sounded familiar and it was only a couple of road down from the dance studio, so after dancing I would go there. Oh wait I know Kallum works there. But something else I know it from somewhere else.

I got out of bed and got into my dance gear which contained some leggings, a white crop top, my blue hoodie and my Nike trainers I got my gym bag down from the top of the wardrobe and packed some spear clothes for when I got to Ethan's, and deodorant and stuff like that. What I don't want to stink okay. Even if I am seeing a raging ass.

As usually Mia came in and had breakfast with me even though it was nearly lunchtime. She was waiting at the door when I came running down she was there in the same leggings black crop top and of course a pink hoodie which matched her Nike trainers.

" Morning I am ready for my chocolate pancakes" she said walking past me like a zombie and into the kitchen, it's freaky she knew her way around my house but hey I knew hers like the back of my hand so it was only fair.

" I am good thank you how are you" I asked joking around and walked behind her after closing the door.

" Yeah sorry, how are you, how the dinner go? " she asked taken a set on the bar that over looked the cooking area. Holding up a coffee mug gesturing me to pour her coffee.

" Yeah I'm good, dinner was okay if you didn't have some creep's hand crawling up your leg every five minutes" I said getting all the ingredients out and put the kettle on to make Mia her coffee and my tea.

I never liked coffee it always left a wired taste in my mouth but Mia couldn't live without it.

"You're kidding, ha that's like typical Ethan for you though," she said on her phone and I handed her coffee and she took it gladly.

" Yeah but my mother didn't help did she nor did my dad, she asked Ethan to help me with everything like I had to do desert it's not like I'm capable at all is it? I told him to stop touching my leg cause it was distracting then he said it shouldn't be distracting cause I don't like him. He says that I like him and I am in denial. I said I wasn't and then he said I should admit that I like him which I don't and then he said every one loves the Bad Boy especially Good Girls like me. He is an ass hole" I finished cooking and was ranting about what happen. Why dose he annoy me so much!

" But why was it distracting " Mia asked digging into her pancakes.

" I got this wired tingling feeling and I couldn't eat anything... so i wasted a perfectly good meal!!! And why dose it matter why it was distracting?" I looked up to say Mia mouth wide open with a pancakes hanging out.

" That's not very ladies like Mia and why are you looking at me like that," I said moving over to close her mouth.

" Youlikehimyourinlovewithabadboyomfg" she muffled trying to eat and talk at the same time. I really need to teach her manners, yep defiantly turning into my mother.

" I didn't catch that and would you hurry up were late" I said looking at the clock and putting my stuff in the sink so did Mia still eating, we went out the front door grabbing are bags and were half way to the car when Mia screams

" YOU LIKE HIM YOUR'E IN LOVE WITH THE SCHOOLS BAD BOY OMFG" she said screaming in my ear and I got in the car as she ran to the drivers side.

" I do not like him Mia and once again he's hardly 'a bad boy' " I said putting my set belt on, she's delusional.

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