Chapter 1: How My Day Started

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I could hear the fall of footsteps coming from down the hallway which meant someone was coming. Whoever it was would be here in a matter of seconds. I instantly reached for my hidden blade just in case it was a foe rather than an ally. As I heard the doorknob turn and the door slowly slide open, I waited patiently for the person to speak, not wanting to be the one to disturb the peace. "Clare, I know you're awake. Might as well stop pretending, I am the one who taught you to always remain silent, so you can't fool me" the chuckle that followed immediately made me relax. Finally, the person had spoken and I knew exactly who the voice belonged to. Rolling over I looked up into the handsome face that belonged to Rowan. "Rowan what the hell do you think your doing trying to sneak up on me like that! Not that it was really sneaking with how loud you were being!" I glared at him which just seemed to amuse him further, considering, he let a half-smile appear on his face. "Clare don't be absurd if I really wanted to sneak up on you, I could have. You wouldn't have been able to see or hear me coming. So, don't be stupid darling, it isn't cute." How dare he mock me like that! He always knows how to push my buttons and it is absolutely infuriating. I glared at him in full frustration, and decided to cut to the chase, "What do you want Rowan? You know good and well I hate being disturbed, especially, when I'm not on duty!" his eyes grew worried and he let out a loud sigh. Finally, he spoke, "It's your turn Clare.. I tried to get them to pick someone else but they wouldn't hear of it. The warriors they chose are all newbies and wouldn't make it by themselves. So, they wanted an advanced warrior that could get them there and back. I offered.. but they refused saying it was your duty to help on these runs as well." I looked at him in shock and then the shakes took over my body.

The last run I went on my adopted sister Annabelle was killed right in front of me, there was nothing I could do to stop it, and it shattered my heart when her body crumbled to the ground. She was only fourteen years old, it was her first run and I should've protected her, but the vampire came out of no where. It felt like a lifetime, but in reality she was dead in a matter of seconds. The Elites have been giving me time to cope considering how close we were, but I'm a warrior who sees people die everyday. My time has run out and now I must do my duty. I stood up and turned my back to Rowan so he couldn't see my face, "Alright, give me five minutes to dress I'll meet you in the departing room. Get them ready for me, will you? I don't want to be kept waiting," as I answered I knew my voice sounded hard and cold, but it didn't matter Rowan knew me better than anyone. When he spoke I could tell he was worried for me but all he said was, "See you in a few." After, he left the room I quickly changed into something suitable for battle and running.

When I managed to get to the departure room my team was ready to go. They were young to young in my opinion, but I just bit my tongue to prevent myself from commenting. It would be disrepectful to question the Elites choices so I just forced myself to ignore it. This run would be the death of me, I gaurentee it. Rowan was standing off to the side with a grim look on his face, and I realized we had shared the same thought. I wouldn't be coming back after this run and he and I both knew it. I looked at him and nodded my head, he got the message loud and clear, he returned the nod letting me know that he did. I looked back at the team and said "Let's get this over with, shall we?".

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