Peter Hale

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When the bell rang I went outside and saw Derek. He motioned for me to join him so I did.

"I want you to leave school the rest of the day," he said.

"School is over for me," I tell him.

"Come with me then."

I got in Derek's car after hesitating.

"Where are we going?"

"Beacon hills crossing home."


"To pay a visit."

Once we got to the crossing home we snuck past the front desk and went into a room. A man in a wheelchair was sitting in the middle of the room.

Derek sat in front of him and I stood behind Derek. It took me a long time to realize that this man had a horrible burn on his face.

"I need your help," Derek says. "If you can hear me, I need you to give me a sign. Blink, raise a finger, anything." After a while of nothing Derek said, "Just, just something to point me in the right direction, okay? Someone killed Laura. Your neice, Laura. Whoever he is, he's an alpha now. But he's one without a pack. Which means he's not as strong. I can take him. But I have to find him first. Look, if you know something just give me a sign. Is it one of us," Derek asked referring to his family. "Did someone else make it out of the fire? Just give me anything," Derek stood up and was pretty much yelling. "Blink. Raise a finger. Anything. Something!"

"Let him go," Derek and I looked back to see a nurse standing in the doorway. "You think after six years of this, yelling at him is going to get a response."

"Got a better method?"

"Patienece. He'll respond if you give him the time."

"I don't have anymore time." Derek started to walk out and I slowly started to follow him. I decided to look back and I swear I saw a finger being raised but when I deicided it was my mind playing tricks I quickly caught up to Derek.

"So," I say. "Who was that?"

"My uncle, Peter Hale."

"What happened?"

"He was the only one that made it out of the fire. He was left badly burned and he was in a coma for a while."

I stopped in my tracks and when elhe noticed he walked back to me.

"What is it?" He asked.

"Answer me one question. Who set the fire?"

"Your family."


After we got back to Derek's car I told him I wanted to go straight home but he wasn't listening. He was looking at a paper that was left on his windshield.

"Is it a ticket?"

Without answering me Derek got in the car and drove off.

"What is it?"

He gave me the paper and on it was a picture of a dead deer with a spiral on one of it's legs.

"Where are we going?"

"We're paying a visit to a certain someone, then you can go home.... Depending on the circumstances. "

I stayed quiet untilbwe finally arrived a the animal clinic that Scott works at.
"Abigail, keep your eyes open."

We walked into the animal clinic and once Deaton, Scott's boss, hears footsteps he says, "Scott, you're late again. I hope this isn't getting to he a habit." Deaton finally turns around to see me and Derek. "Can I help you?"

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