sad imagine

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you were laying down when you got a phone call "hello" you said "hello is Y/N mahone" "yes it is may I ask who is calling" you asked "ummm yes this is the Miami hospital calling to tell you at your husband Austin mahone had just got into a car crash and his car has flipped multiple times he was hit by semi truck on his way back home he is now in intensive care" she said "omg I am on my way down" you said with tears pouring out of your eyes you couldn't believe that happened you rushed down to the hospital when you got there you asked that lady at the front desk where his room was she said that he was in surgery and wouldn't be out for another 2-3 hours so you waited in the waiting room and you decided to call Michele "hello Y/N how are you" she said so cheerfully "Michele Austin just got hit by a semi truck and the car was flipped multiple times he is in intensive care and he is in surgery and won't be out for at least another 2-3 hours can you please come down to the hospital" you said while crying "omg Y/N I am on my way down there now " she said "OK see you when you get here" you said then hung up nexted you called Alex "hello" he said "Alex its Y/N Austin just got hit by a semi truck and was flipped multiple times can you and Sarah please come down here" you said "omg yes Y/N we are on our way see you later" he said worried " k bye" you said. Michele had just showed up "omg Y/N I am so sorry" she said crying "it's OK I just can't believe that it had happened so quick it been two hours he should be out by now" you said "mahone" the doctor said "yes we are here" you said "OK it looks like he will be OK he just has a broken arm and a broken leg nothing really to worry about but if he flipped a couple more times he could have of died but he if awake now but only one person can go in there and see him right now" he said I looked at Michele and she told me to go in so no went in to his room which was room 74 I walked in there and saw Austin in tears once he saw me "hey babe" he said " omg Austin I thought you died on me I love you so much please don't ever do that again to me" you said while running over to him and kissing him with so much passion that you didn't even realize that Michele and everyone came in the room. after all that you laid next to Austin and you guys fell asleep.

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