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Tae💕 6 months later 

April 16th

"Come on Nay we going over Aunnie Willow house." I said to my daughter Tanaya.

She pouts her bottom shaking her head. I look at her rolling my eyes I can tell this girl here gone be a problem.

"Come on let's go get dressed." I said grabbing her hand.

She pouts raising her arms .I pick her up taking upstairs. I go in her room picking out a outift.

"No mama I wanta' wear dis"She smiled.

I stare at the mix match outfit she handed me .

"Nay you need your as-I started.

"Mama bad word."She hit my leg.

I smiled going in her over sized closet and picked out a outift.

"I think this is better." I said.

"I don't cawre' wha' yu' tink." She walked off.

I roll my eyes pick my her up . I walk to the bathroom I sit her on the sink.

She grabs my phone out my bra putting her thumb on the home button. I taught her too much.

I run the water cleaning out the sink. I fill the water up pouring bubbles into it.

I look at her .I seen Durrell image on her face my heart ached at the thought of him.

Our relationship been on rocks for these last months . We've become distant and constantly arguing .

I love him the only thing I would liked to have known was , if him going to the NBA was going to keep him away from his family .

I would've told him no but that's what he wanted to do I let him . I'm still on the other hand in school being a critical care nurse.

"Mama the wata." Nay said .

I look down it was filled enough just for her . I stop it taking off her small clothes .

I sat her in there she splashes the water giggling . I smile starting to wash her up with Johnson Johnson baby wash. She continues to splash me .

I pick her up wrapping her in her towel going in her room .

I lotion her body putting on her outfit. I pin her curly hair up and put a denim now on it . I put on her sandals .

"Ok Mommie has to get dressed you play." I said .

She nods sitting on the floor playing with her dolls. I go in my room picking out an outfit .

 I go in my room picking out an outfit

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I check on Nay once more . I walk back in my room staring my shower. I get in washing up . I rinse off getting out .

Nay was sitting on my bed watching tv . I sit down drying off putting lotion and my bra and panties. I put on my dress .

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