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****You're sitting in your room with your bestfriend, Jasmine. She has been your bestfriend since y'all were born.  Y'all happened to be born on the same day & your moms were bestfriends since highschool & are still really close & She is always at your house, SHE PRACTICALLY LIVES THERE! .You're in your room with Jasmine. Y'all are upstairs listening to the radio and texting & on y'all laptops. *****

Jasmine: Man I'm bored!

Y/N: Me too!


Y/N: Ain't  nun to do! And it's da middle of the SUMMER!

Jasmine: And ain't nobody to text

Y/N:I know right! WAIT! What about your boyfriend? What's his name Byran, Bryant??

Jasmine: BYRANNNNNNN .... ANNNNNN [from Madea's Big Happy Family] LOL but no his name is Bryan!

Y/N: Yea him!  You can text him

Jasmine: I am but it seems like we growing a part

Y/N: Oh, why you say that?

Jasmine: I don't know. 

Y/N: Well at least you have a boyfriend, I'm alone in this world!

Jasmine: Girl you are SOO DRAMATIC! LOL. I thought you were talking to his friend

Y/N: Who? Tyler?

Jasmine: Yea! What's going on with y'all?

Y/N: I don't know. I mean we were talking

Jasmine: Did y'all ever go on a date?

Y/N: Yea. And it was really nice but he was only trying to "get with me"

Jasmine: Oh.  He ain't worth it

Y/N: I know. I just hope I meet a guy who really likes me for me and not for what he sees

Jasmine: You not the only one. Bryan keeps trying to get me to do it but I keep refusing and he claims he truely loves me but after I turned him down the last time, we haven't talked that much

Y/N: The right guy will come

Jasmine: Yea I hope so & soon!


Y/M [Your Mom]: Y/N & Jasmine come meet the new neighbors!

Girls: OKAY!

Jasmine: I hope they have a son!


Y'all go downstairs to meet the new neighbors

Y/M: Y/N, Jasmine, These are the new neighbors, The Youngs. Their son will be going to school with you

Jasmine: Hi, I'm Jasmine but you can call me Jas.

Y/N: Hi, I'm Y/N, but you can call me [ whatever your nickname is]

Mrs. Young: Hello girls, I'm Mrs.Young, this is my husband Mr.Young and our son, Trey

Girls: Hey

Trey: Hey

Y/M: How about you girls go hang out with Trey in the game room while I talk with Mrs. and Mr. Young

Girls: Okay

[In the game room]

Jasmine:SO Trey, what do you like to do in your free time?

Trey: I like to play videogames, skateboard, draw, dance & rap

Y/N: Cool, Do you know anyone here?

Trey: Not besides y'all

Girls: Oh

Trey: How old are y'all?

Girls: 16

Trey: Oh cool were the same age

Jasmine: When is your bday?

Trey: July 23. What about you?

Jasmine: August 2nd

Trey: What about you Y/N?

Y/N: August 2nd

Trey: Y'all have the same bday?!

Girls: Yea

Trey: Are y'all twins or something?

Girls: LOL no bestfriends

Trey: LOL oh.  How long y'all been friends?

Y/N: Since birth

Trey: That's really cool

Girls: Yup

Trey: So do y'all have boyfriends? [I hope Y/N says no. She is fine as HELL! I mean Jasmine is fine too, but it's something about Y/N that makes her different]

Jasmine: I do *mumbles * for now

Y/N: I don't

Trey Why not?

Y/N: Because all the boys I've been with only wanted to 'get it in' the leave me.

Trey: Oh [She is fine but she deserves better then that]

Y/N: So now I'm just waiting on the right guy

Trey: I'm probably gonna have to go soon. So can I have your number?

Y/N: Sure

[Gives him your number]

 [Gets cut off by Y/Msaying that it's time for Trey to go]

Y/M: It was nice meeting you guys

Youngs: It was nice meeting y'all too


Do you feel the same way Trey feels about you?!

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