16. devilish sense.

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A/N: So fam kookiechipsxyz single-handedly commented a long theory about the Jimin-Jaehyun mystery from last chapter and she literally got everything right. I deleted her comment for no spoilers lmao, but she's smart asf pls follow her ily all.

Aoi's POV

I was at the brink of drifting into sleep until that motherfucker from behind me threw a piece of crumpled paper on my head. I irritatedly shot my head up and picked up the crumpled paper on my desk, immediately opening it just to see a bad Korean handwriting telling me to stop blocking the view.

What view even? Ugh.

I immediately turned my head around and saw that the stupidents around me were focusing on the boring-ass history lecture, which wasn't anything close from what I'd expect from them.

I then saw Jaehyun pretending to be fast asleep in class, letting out an exaggerated snore while his laying his head on his desk. It was obviously him who threw it, he always uses the same technique when I turn around.

And it never works because I'm smart as fuck.

Or maybe he's just plain stupid.

I inwardly groaned in irritation, grabbed my pencil from my pencil case and proceeded on writing back a reply.

'I'm going to murder your fucking ass, you little shit. Do you think that I don't know how to use my goddamn katana? I have one lying around my house just for the sake of Japanese stereotypes, and I can't wait to shove it up your ass.'

I then crumpled the piece of the paper and aimed it exactly on his head, closing one eye and stuck a tongue out in concentration. I then threw it on his head afterwards.

I smirked in victory after the perfect headshot. He was annoyed when he grabbed the paper and read my oh-so-clever reply, so he gave me a death glare.

For some reason things were going on the same as before, when Jaehyun and I are just the plain ol' cliche pair of enemies. Except that I hate him so much more now.

I still couldn't believe why he did something as obnoxious as that to Yeon-joo, it really makes me want to wring his neck until he dies or something. Yeon-joo was probably a good friend and I could actually taunt myself with my wrongdoings, telling myself that I'm such a fucked up person, but instead I chose not to.

I chose to continue asking myself are humans so stupid.

Actually, most of them are.

After scribbling a few swear words in Japanese on my half-empty notes page, I then lifted my head up to look at the clock to check the time. Great, thirty seconds until school ends. I'm actually pretty glad that time in school is flowing quite fast nowadays, all I really want to do is to stay home and lie on my bed all day.

But today, I promised to Yoko too go visit Jimin's school. I know that she's broken-hearted by that jerk but at the same time, why the hell woud she even want to see his face again after their last meeting? Is she that stupid or is it really just me? Because if I were her, I would get the chance to smack his ass back to Pluto.

After a few minutes, the last class for today ended. I was about to grab my backpack and scurry my way out of the hellhole's cells, until Yoko called my name with her small voice.

"Aoi." She called, making me freeze in the midst of my inwardly made-up mission of getting the fuck outta here.

"Where are you going?" She asked me and flash a short smile. "You told me you were going to come with me, weren't you? Why does it seem like you're avoiding me?" She asked in a sad tone and bowed her head down in a slow manner.

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