The One

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I thought my life was over

I thought I was done

Liking someone wasn’t even a possibility

And loving someone just couldn’t be done

My world had crashed leaving shattered dreams at my feet

For once in my life I truly felt weak

My breath had been taking clear from my lungs

My heart beat like a damaged drum

Everything was unraveling and I couldn’t make it stop

I was lost and alone

Already giving up

Then you came along

And picked up the pieces one by one

Trying to heal the horrible deed that had been done

I let you try

Day after day

Gradually I came to see

It wasn’t an act

You truly cared about me

You didn’t see me like a wounded bird

But as one that needed to be set free from her misery

You did just that

Making me fall into your words

Because you are my song bird

The one who set me free

The one who made me see everything good about me