Chapter 11: Accidents

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Justin's POV: I went to go wake up Jaylie because I am leaving for Tour this morning. It's 2:35 am and I know that's really early but I need to be in the bus by 4 am so that we can be at the Ellen Show by noon. "Jaylie it's time to wake up" I said but she wouldn't budge.
"Jaylie" I said. She still didn't get up. I checked her heartbeat and made sure she was breathing. She wasn't. I picked her up and panicked. I rushed and put her in the car and called 911. I can't lose her. I've only known her for almost a month and she's already my whole life. I tried to start the car but I couldn't get it going. I got Jaylie out and ran to the hospital. Yes ran. With all my might. I took her to the E.R. " I NEED A DOCTOR NOW" I yelled still trying to catch my breath. "Sir calm down let me call up a nurse with a stretcher. " about less then a minute a stretcher arrived. I went to go with her but the doctor held me back. " I need her" I cried. " sir we need you to sit down and wait for her" the nurse said. " we are going to run some tests and we are going to make her all better.
I sat down.

---------3 hours later----------
I was sitting in the waiting room my kneecaps knocking together. A nervous habit I have. I saw a nurse. " Justin Bieber" she said. I jumped up. " Please tell me she's OK.
"Sir I need you too sit back down. " I sat down. " we have good news and some BAD NEWS.

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