Chapter 31

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Tris P.O.V:

After we finish at the park, we go back home and wait for the babysitter to come so we can go out with the gang. In about 15 minutes, the babysitter arrives and we leave to go to the pit.


We get to the pit and see Christina, Will, Zeke, Shauna, Lynn, Peter, Marlene, Alfie (Marlene's new boyfriend), Four and Nita. A couple of minutes later, a few of the initiates show up: Steph, Dylan, Jake, Ben and Jade. They're doing really well; they have one more fight to do but they should be more friendly because they have gotten to know each other.

"Let's play Truth or Dare!" Zeke yells while we all sit in a circle in the middle of the empty pit. Murmurs of "ok," and "alright," float around and we begin to play.

"Dylan! I dare you to kiss the person you'd like to date most." Lynn speaks. "Don't you even dare!" I glare. He laughs and says "don't worry, I like someone else now. He turns to his left where Steph sits and asks "do you mind?" She blushes and shakes her head. They kiss. Aww! He's such a gentleman now. "You guys dating now?" Uriah yells, ruining the moment. Steph and Dylan look at each other and nod, while we all laugh.
Hey guys, new chapter finally! I know it's very underwhelming but at least I uploaded ~ Emilee xx

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