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Y/D/N= Your Dragons name

You were always a shy kid but you were really cute and buetiful,you had l/s h/c hair. you didn't like to talk to other kids mostly because they would bully. You didn't like the orphanage. Sometimes you would sneak out to see your brother Natsu Dragneel ( Author chan = I don't own Fairytail) you would act like your self when you were with them.
(Y/n) pov)
Natsu = hey why don't you join the fairy tail guild that way we can go on missions.
Y/n= why didn't you suggest that before and don't I need get an interview or something.
Natsu = Na your my sis they will let you join or I'll beet the crap out of them.
Y/n = (^___^) sure you will * sarcastic*
I swear he can be such an idiot sometimes. But I can't wait I'll be finally be joining the FAIRYTAIL GUILD EHHHH ok calm down don't lose your cool y/n you'll finally leave that stupid orphanage and then I'll be able to train. I'm an ice Dragon slayer, my brothers a fire dragon slayer. He was raised by Igneel the fire dragon king and I was raised by
y/d/n the Ice Dragon queen.
She tought me the magic and I can also heal people with my magic, make them look young and if I concentrate really hard I could even bring back the dead but for now I can only heal people. Anyway the big idiot was taking me to the fairy tail guild to get my mark.
After they welcome y/n to the guild
Y/n= I better get going before they find out I came here. ( Author chan = nearly forgot your mark is on your left arm and it is light blue than goes to dark blue) Erza dropped me off I quickly snuck in.
Girl 1 = oh look there's the ugly rat.
Girl 2 = did you just come crawling out of the sewer.
Girl 3 = oh look she joined the shity guild.
I snapped they will not disrespect fairytail like that. I'm going burn them alive get ready bitches.
Mizo = y/n don't use such laguage in front of our guest.
Mizo was the one encharge of the orphanage.
There standing were three women one with purple hair, she looked really perverted and her smile is so creepy. The second one had orange hair she looked really strict and the third had white hair I think she looked normal.
Y/n = tch whatever I'm leaving.
Mizo = I'll talk to you later.
Earlier with the sakamaki's
Ayato = mother why don't we have a little sister.
Cordelia = do you want a little sister?
Kanato = that would be nice.
Beatrix = I don't how a little sister would help you.
Shu = she could help with studying.
Subaru = can I please have a little sister.
Christa = any thing for you.
Reji = there's an orphanage in town nearby.
Beatrix = let's go to the orphanage near town.
Cordelia = I guess I have no choice.
Back to the present time
Cordelia = what's her name.
Mizo = that was y/n.
Beatrix = we'll adopt her then.
Mizo = I'll get the papers.
Back to y/n pov
I better get ready I'm going to be staying with fairytail. This is so exciting.
Mizo = y/n pack your bags your going to live the sakamaki's.
Y/n = wha- no I'm not I'm going with fairy tail.
Mizo = sorry but your going to have to go I'll give an hour to talk to your brother.
Time skip
Y/n = I'm sorry.
Natsu = it our fault we should have the signed the contract earlier.
Y/n = where are you guys going.
Natsu = back to Mongolia we were only here for training when I met you and found out you were my sister.
I started crying even more.
Natsu = hey don't cry we will meet again after all Mongolia has a barrier only wizards and people who live there or go there to see are allowed there. So you can come any time. And don't ever forget your a memeber of fairytail... do you remember the three rules of leaving fairytail.
I just nod
Natsu = rule number 1 you must never reveal sensitive information about fairytail as long as you live.
Gray = rule number 2 you must never use former contacts met through your being in the guild for your personal gain.
Erza = Though are paths may have diverged, you must continue to live out your life with all your might, you must never consider your own life to be something insignificant, and you must never forget about your friends *sob* who loved you.
Y/n = *sob* I won't I'll never forget any of you, your everything to me * sob* I c-could never forget any of you * sob* you guys are my life.
It was too hard leaving my brother my friends the guild.
Y/n = promise we'll meet again.
All = we promise.
Time skip
I was in a limo. I was going to live with the sakamaki's. I guess I'm excited but I'll never forget my real family... Fairy tail.

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