Starting Tour

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"Do you have everything?" Brendon asked for the second time. He was nervous because tomorrow was the day they would officially be on tour.
"I said it once and I'll say it again, I've packed everything I need." Sarah replied as she gestured towards her packed suitcase, backpack, and purse. "Are you all packed?" she said, casting a glance towards the half-packed suitcase, barely packed backpack, and empty duffel bag.
Brendon sighed and went over and started throwing clothes in. He dumped his suits in and pants into the suitcase, a bunch of t-shirts, a half-dozen of jackets, jeans, a dozen of hats, and other articles of clothing. Then, he closed it with minor difficulty and then started packing his backpack. He threw in his laptop travel case, chargers, earbuds, an Ipad, his Ipod, sunglasses, and other stuff. In the duffelbag, he packed his golden microphone in it's case, his extra guitar picks, and all of the stuff he would need when performing. Then, he grabbed his guitar case with his guitar in it and put it next to his stuff.
"There." he said.
"Packed in twenty minutes" Sarah said, sitting on the bed, "So what's the plan?" Brendon looked at his phone and started reading of an email.
"We'll be touring every state in the U.S, we'll play a few shows in Canada, Then we'll be in Europe, play a few shows in Asia, a few in Australia and New Zealand, and then we'll play at a big festival with FOB and TØP to end the tour."
"So how is it being on tour?" Sarah asked and sat on the bed.
"It's really awesome performing, the crowds are so awesome." Brendon answered and sat down next to her. "Sometimes, it's a bit stressful, but really fun. Getting to see new places is pretty cool, too."
The talked for a bit longer before they went to sleep.

Sarah POV:
The next morning, Sarah was the first one up. It was 5:30am. Next to her, Brendon was still fast asleep.
"Brendon, wake up." she said and shook his shoulder.He didn't wake up. She sighed, sometimes, Brendon would wake up to the slightest noise. Other times, he would sleep like the dead. "BRENDON BOYD URIE!" she yelled and Brendon jolted up.
"Is the house on fire?" he asked.
"No, but today is the first day of tour." she responded.
"What time is it?" he asked.
"5:32, we're leaving at seven." she responded and got out of bed. Brendon checked his phone and then got up and headed down to the kitchen. Sarah went to closet to get dressed. She changed into a white blouse, jeans, and a jacket. She went down to the kitchen to see Brendon making coffee.
"Morning P.A" he said as she wrapped her arms around his waist.
"Morning Rockstar" she replied and then started making breakfast.
Brendon's POV:
After brekfast, Brendon jogged to the bedroom to get dressed. He put on a read t-shirt, jeans, and a hat. Then, he checked his phone, 6:00.
"Brendon, I'm dropping Penny and Bogart off at Regan's" (Read that Regan took care of Brendon's and Spencer's dogs. I don't really know) Sarah called as she left the house. Brendon got out his phone and sent out a text to everyone:
"To: Dallpal, Kenny, Dani, Stumpy Lunchbox, Pete the Treat, Joeman, AndyH, Tyjo, and Jiwshua.
From: Beebo
Who's ready for tour??"
Brendon smiled as he saw the replies:
"From Dallpal: I'm all packed up and ready
Kenny: I was ready a long time ago
Dani: Can't wait
Stumpy Lunchbox: Always ready to tour
Pete the Treat: I still have an hour to get ready
Joeman: Please bring a hamper
AndyH: I'm ready to tour!
Tyjo: What time are we leaving at?
Jiwshua: Wait, it's today?
Brendon cracked up reading Josh's text and replied. "Yes, It's today. You better get ready or we'll only have three drummers and two backflippers." Then, he replied to Tyler's message. "7:00 am." Then, Sarah opened the door.
"Hey honey, how's Reagan?" he asked.
"Good" she replied and then said, "So, is everybody ready?"
"Everybody's ready, except for Josh, I think he forgot it was tour day." he answered and then checked the time, 6:30.
Then, his phone buzzed. The text was from Zack, it read:
"To: Brendon Urie, Patrick Stump, Pete Wentz, Dallon Weekes, Kenneth Harris, Tyler Joseph, Dan Pawlovich, and Josh Dun
From: Zack Hall
If everybody's ready, we'll start picking everybody up starting with Patrick, Brendon and Sarah, Pete, Dallon, Andy, Kenny, Joe, Dan, Josh, and Tyler. Then, we'll drive to the tourbus area." Everybody replied with "Ready." other than Josh who asked if they could pick up Tyler first.
"Sarah, we'll be getting picked up soon," he called. Then, they got their bags ready.
"I can't wait to tour with you." she said and kissed him.
"I can't wait to look at a crowd and see you in it." he said and smiled.

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