Chapter 14

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Lucian's pov

That maddening woman... I wasn't able to sleep since she woke me up with her deafening shriek.

I massage my temple while turning on my mac. This set up is definitely challenging for me. I have to oversee my business in New York from here. Good thing  that I can depend on Trevor, my best buddy. I really need to get on my son's favor so that I can fix this complicated situation.

Of course I want a custody not only a permit to see him. I am really hoping that I can bring him with me in New York, of course once my mother knew about this she'll definitely insist by hook or by crook to bring Shilo. Not to mention my father, he is the heir my father has been waiting for.

Arggh! That woman!

If she was only like those women that my mother is shoving to me I'm not going to have this situation.. Yet the good thing that she isn't one of them is that she's not after what I have. She even refused my offer of marriage.

Even with the glass breaking scream that she did last night, I was quite amused of her edginess when she sees me wearing a boxer. So she is a prude one. I can't help but smile. I might as well enjoy teasing this prude girl.

The way she innocently stares at my body gave me a real hard on.  If she'll just cooperate we might have done something that we'll both enjoy.

"Maybe nextime..."

Then I heard a knock at the door.

"Come in."

It was Gretchen. Shilo's nanny.

"Sir I'll just fetched Shilo from school." She said. She was about to close the door when I called her attention.

"No stay here. I'll get my son myself."

She was saying something but I didn't bother to listen.


Mia's pov

Shilo must be waiting for me. I promised him that we will watch this movie that he'd been waiting for. Damn I got stuck at work due to couple of meetings,afterwards I got stuck on traffic then my phone died on me while Gretchen was calling me. Seriously these series of events. As I was walk-run to Shilo's school premise I saw his adviser. She smiled at me.

"Good day Ms.Perez." She greeted.

"Hi Ms. Cerafica I'm so sorry I was late. Did you see my son and his nanny?" I asked her. There was a weird smiled plastered on her face. Like a little girl who have seen her secret crush.

"He's in the cafeteria with you husband Ms. Perez." She said and still have that weird smile.

"Ah o---

My heart thudded.

Wait what did she just said???

"I'm sorry I think I misheard you. He is with Gretchen right?" I clarified.

She smiled again.

"No ma'am your husband drop by and said he'll be fetching your son instead of Gretchen. Ms. Perez you didn't tell me that you have a gorgeous husband." She teased.

No he didn't! Not informing me!
I'm trying my best to calm my nerves.

"Are you okay ma'am?" She asked and I'm pretty sure she already noticed my reaction. I forced a smile.

"Yes I'm fine, I'll go ahead Ms. Cerafica. Have a pleasant day." I said. I didn't wait for her answer and walk towards the cafeteria.

I scanned the area and found the two chatting and eating some snacks. I quickened my pace. When I reached their table Lucian looks shocked a bit like he was caught red handed. I'll definitely have a word with him later. I'm pretty sure he forced Gretchen to this idea. I know she will not disobey me. I raised a brow at him but he only grinned at me.

I admit he is definitely a good looking guy.. Carlie would definitely correct me if he was here.
He'll say that I don't know how to describe a guy when I see one. And yes as much as I hate to admit he is oozing with sex appeal, I'm sure Carlie would agreed with me on that a million time.

Last night's event is still etched on my mind....

God...that was so embarrassing.

I can feel my face warming up again. This damn guy doesn't even have a sense of decency.

His well toned body.. Masculine scent... His piercing silver eyes that shows an emotion that sends shivers down my spine...

Oh my god! When did I became pervert! If Carlie will know what I am thinking he will laugh at me! Focus Mia!

No doubt even the poor old widow Ms. Cerafica was charmed.

"Yay! Mommy is here." Shilo squealed and run towards me. I bent down so I can hug and kiss him.

"You should have seen daddy a while ago he was so cool waiting for school to finish! Ms.Cerafica kept looking at him and I think she got a crush with daddy." Shilo said animatedly and giggled. I smiled.

"Really? I wish I was here then to see that." I said and smirked at Lucian. He looked discomforted while scratching his head. It probably a pain being admire even matrons. I laugh inside my head.

" My classmates they won't tease me anymore that I only have an imaginary daddy." He added and hugged Lucian.

I felt like something grabbed my heart. I looked at Lucian and he was already looking me. At this point I admit he save me again.

"My classmates were shocked that daddy was here. They said that daddy is so cool. I'm so happy that they won't tease me anymore " Shilo boasted with glee.

I felt a pang of pain in my heart. I prevent myself from crying and force myself to smile even if it hurts so much.

Lucian pat our son's head.

"Not anymore." He said those word while staring at me. I just stared back at him and bit my lip.

This is getting harder but sooner we'll have to tell him the truth. I just hope that when that time comes God will help me make Shilo understand.... But for now I want to see my son happy.


We rode Lucian's car since I don't have my car with me. He said we'll just have lunch in his restaurant. We walked together and I was shocked when we arrived. Its very clear on my mind that this is the restaurant me and Lucian first met. We were greeted by a man who seems as same age as Lucian. He looked at Lucian suspiciously.

"Hey you're back." His eyes went to me. "I sorry for my rudeness, by the way I'm Gilbert,Lucian' business partner and who you might be beautiful lady ? You look so familiar to me." Gilbert inquired.

" Just call me Mia. Yeah, actually were regulars here. We love your food and specially my son he loves the banana split here." I admitted and smiled at him. Lucian looked at me with surprised.

"Well thank you for patronizing our restaurant." He smiled widely and looked at my son. "And who might this you lad be?"

"He's my son. Shilo" Lucian cut in.
Gilbert's jaw dropped instantly then he laugh.

"You' re joking right?" He asked while looking back and forth to Lucian and Shilo still shocked of what Lucian said. The he nod. For sure he already saw the resemblance between the two.

"Mom I'm hungry. We are going to miss the movie if we don't hurry." Shilo suddenly but in.

"Well, I think we should sit first." Gilbert said then led us in a private place in the restaurant.

We placed our orders and Gilbert kept asking us about our story. We don't have a choice but to tell him some bits carefully.

" when will be the big day? " He asked playfully.

"No there will be no big day. Definitely no." I informed him. He looked at Lucian with something I can't decipher and nod with a suspicious grin. I really hate their man to man nodding. Its like they are communicating about something silently.

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