Blood dripped from his lips which were parted, letting the taste of the red liquid enter his mouth. The taste seemed to delight the demon who stood in the shadows, apart from civilization. He turned, his hair covering his eyes as he stepped out of the shadows.

   Two men, faces twisted in horror, stood in the middle of the forest as the figure stepped out of the darkness. They held their breath as he was gone in a blink of an eye, wind swirling around them. He could hear their hearts pounding against their ribs as he gracefully circled them, like a predator with his prey.

    As the men shifted uncomfortably, the creature revealed himself once more. The men jumped, shivers shaking them from head to toe as they stared at the darkness before them. He represented darkness. Evil. Their silent prayers for help were lost in the cold winter breeze as they stepped over dead bodies of their fallen friends and family members. They ran. They ran for their lives.

"Run now, for he is like darkness!" The taller man shouted.

   "I like games." The monsters voice was clear as the men desperately tried to run away from their fate. If they could get stall a bit longer, perhaps someone would come to slay the creature?

   The taller man grunted as he tripped over his fallen wife's body. He cried out as the demon swept over his prey, hurling him into the shorter man. They both fell to the ground, one on top of the other as snow flew everywhere from the impact. The shorter man squeezed his eyes shut, his teeth chattering from fear and the cold. 

   "Then again, I was told to never play with my food." Suddenly the monster stepped out of the shadows, his eyes glowing in the darkness. The men cowered as the demon chuckled.

   "H-he is a man!" The short one cried, already trying to scramble to his feet. The taller one stared at the creature of darkness with awe. How could this creature look so human? They sucked in a breath as the demon knelt down beside them.

   "I am no man. I am a vampire." He smiled his pearly white teeth matching the snow that fell around them. His green eyes were filled with amusement. The short man whimpered as a drop of red liquid dripped from the boys rosy lips. They screamed as he bared his sharp teeth, his eyes flashing red. 

   Without warning, he lunged. The graceful creature's teeth latched onto the taller mans neck as he staggered backward. The shorter man screamed, trying to scrambling away from his friend in an attempt to escape, yet his feet would not move. They would not carry him away from his horrible end. He watched, frozen in place.

   The taller man did not struggle. He let the vampire feast on him, sighing as the bite lulled his thoughts. His head tipped to the side, letting the creature have his fill. The thoughts of joining his fallen family and friends gave him hope as he started to slip away, into the land where he would be safe. Where he could be peaceful. With blinding speed the demon pushed his body to the ground. The remaining man screamed, finally finding the courage to move. To run as fast as he could.

   Before he had even managed to take a step forward the demon was in front of him. He grabbed the mans neck, lifting him up as if he weighed nothing. Laughing at the mans whimpering pleas he brought his free hand to his lips, silencing him.

   "Go back to your people and tell them to send every soldier and army they have. Have at it." The devils voice whispered harshly before he threw the man across the forest like he was a rag doll. The man scrambled to his feet,  body aching, as he ran back the way he came. The demons crackling laughter filled the silent night, haunting the villagers to this day.

The demon smiled from the shadows as he watched the helpless, pitiful man run. The snow fell from the midnight sky, filling the silent forest.

Run now, for he is like darkness the vampire remembered the taller mans words. The ends of his lips twitched upwards even more.

Ah but wait, I am not like darkness.

I am darkness.

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