•Shit Hit the Fan•

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Jade in thet media.

(💎Jade's POV💎)



I'm aware of the power he has over me.

My wolf is happy but then sad in my head.

One one side of it, she's happy to be marked on her wolf side, but on the other hand, she's mad he made her submit.

As long as my skin side isn't marked, he can't know what I think, feel, or want.

Right now my wolf us rethinking everything she lay there, her pride battered, maybe broken.

She lays there, showing her belly in a submissive pose.

I shouldn't be mad at her, but I am.

She shows her neck, and he licks her mark.

Feeling weak from his actions, I shove her in the back of my mind.

Mate Bond be Damned.

She whines knowing I'm so serious.

Deep down she knows I won't ever forgive him.

Shift, the bastard says in my head.

He may only be twenty and me eighteen, but one thing is certain:

While in wolf form, he has total control over me.

I shift instantly, fur disappearing into my skin, my favorite pajamas laying, shredded at my feet.

And start to walk away from him.

"If you walk away from me ok ne more time, I will Mark your skin side and take you savagely in these woods."

That stops me instantly. "Even if you do, and I get pregnant. I will kill you in your sleep."

My wolf whines, knowing this sentence won't go unpunished.

He snatches me up and puts me over his shoulders, I hit his back over and over again.

I've never wanted to kill another human being so bad in my life.

He pulls out his cellphone and makers calls.

I can hear my dad on the other line.

"Give her to me, and the treaty will be signed. I will aid you in any pack war. And trade your warriors.

"I will never give my daughter up. Take my life instead. She's my first born, so she has a right to take her claim on Yellow Stone Pack."

"I don't give a fuck," he growls and hangs up.

He broke my wolf, and I'm on the verge of tears.

I need to get my shit together.

"Where are you taking me?!"

Colton ignores me and keeps walking to the edge of the forest.

We see Sam and Corbin.

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