CH 1 : Fight

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Student's Affair room. 10:30 a.m.

"It's you guys again, Jeon jungkook , jung eunha. So what is this all about ? Still arguing for the nonsense thing ?" the bispectacle man seems calm. It's Mr. Henry kim , The teacher that in chargeD of student's discipline.

Jungkook and Eunha who are standing side by side with a gap less than 15 centimetres are facing their head away from each other. They remained silent in the stared of Mr. Henry.

30 minutes ago...

The class is in the usual hyper situation. Everyone seems busy with their own things but still can't lessen the noise. Jungkook and Jin is a tablemate. They seems busy with their own conversation about the new video game that just out recently. Eunha in the other hand is a tablemate with SinB They seems busy discussing the previous subject.

"Anyone could volunteer to clean the blackboard ? I need to pass up these books to Mr. Lee now." said the class leader, Jimin before he left the class to teacher's room.

Everyone seems ignoring him and continue their work.

"I'll do it, wait a minute hyung" Jungkook told jin before he stand up. He always call his bestfriend hyung instead of his real name since he's younger than jin.

At the same time, at the other part of the class. Eunha is already stand up and told SinB.
" I'll clean the blackboard for a while. You can try solving the question first" By that she started to walk to the front.

When both Jungkook and Eunha reached at the first row of the student's table, they looked at each other before they rush to the duster at the blackboard. Eunha get it first before Jungkook take it from her.

"Yaa ! I want to do it first! I was the first one who volunteer to do this !" He said to her.

"Ouh my god. I was the one who hold the duster first! Can't you see ? Are you blind or something ?" she protested and harshly take the duster from him

" No way ! I was the one who stand up first to do this ! Are you deaf ? Don't you hear my chair was been pushed when I stood up ?" Jungkook don't want to give up and pull the duster from Eunha's hand. Eunha gritted her teeth before take the duster back.

"Back off, jeon jungkook ! I don't hear your chair's sound because I was the one who stand up first !" Eunha shouted and the whole class started to give attention to the two people in front of the class.

They keep arguing who's first to come out to clean the blackboard and the "pulling-duster" scene is been playing. It's keep going on for about more than 10 minutes before suddenly the other students pretended to read their own book or do their work.

"Ehem !!! jungkook and eunha. You two, follow me Now ! " Mr. Henry is watching them with Kwangmin. Kwangmin's mouth was open wide when watching the two perfect students who arguing in front of him.

"This is all your fault !" Eunha exclaimed in whisper to Jungkook before putting the duster on the blackboard and follow Mr. Henry. Jungkook just rolled his eyes in annoyance and follow them behind. Before he leave the class, he mouthing 'sorry' to Jimin. Jimin just shaked his head and at the end he is the one who cleaned the blackboard as preparation for the next subject.

"So, no one want to explain about the duster fight just now ?" Mr. Henry finally say something after 5 minutes the students in front of him kept standing still liked a statue. They finally turned their head to face Mr. Henry.

" I'm sorry, Mr. Henry" both of them said in unison while looking down on the floor showing their guiltiness.

"Well, you guys knew it, it is not the first time you two coming in here facing me with the same absurd problem. I don't know what is wrong between both of you. It's like north and south magnet" Mr. Henry started to nag. The two students just kept their mouth shut but still paid attention to the teacher.

" jungkook .. Eunha ... Both of you are a good student , Always dominate the top ranking of students. Always bring victory to our basketball team. Even, both of you come from a wealthy family. As for respecting for what you two had done to school, I always let go both of you. However, this is the last time. I won't be nice after this " their expression changed when the teacher mentioned 'let go' words. They seems relieved.

"Thank you, Mr. Henry" they said in unison again with a bit aegyo. All of the teachers in the school knew both of these two students always fulled with aegyo and it always a failed to scold them. Even, Mr. Henry sometime lost to their aegyo. Mr. Henry smiled  a bit at the two cute students before changed his expression back to a serious one.

"But don't forget, today is the last chance" Mr. Henry said. They both nodded with a smile before Mr. Henry asked them to go.

"Jeon jungkook I hate you !!" Eunha said in an angry tone to Jungkook once they were outside of the room. Eunha walked first leaving jungkook behind.

"Don't worry ,I hate you too !"  jungkook shouted to the girl in front of him who is walking fast in anger to their classroom.

Eunha keep glaring at Jungkook during the whole class after the incident.

"Stupid dumb. jeon jungkook. How annoying !" Eunha kept muttering those words to show her annoyance towards him. SinB at her side kept shaking her head understanding on what had happened. 

Jungkook also at his place glaring at Eunha once in a while. " Eventhough she's pretty, she's still annoying. Tch." jin on his side nudging him.

"Focus on the class you smartass. Don't be too proud!" Jin knew his friend is smart but still he always reminding his friend to focus on the teacher. He just don't want jin keep on watching Eunha and gaining another fight.



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