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chapter six: my best girl

Steve held Holland as she cried. She had woken up from a rather nasty nightmare, calling out her fiancé's name in her terrified stupor. Steve rushed in as fast as he could, knowing the pain of losing someone more than any other.

Holland gripped his dark shirt with tights fists, knuckles turning white. When her fingers started the cramp she would loosen them, rub her eyes then grab the fabric again.

Steve shushed her as gentle as he could, rocking her shaking body on the bed.

"If I could sing to you I would, Holly but I'm afraid you might want to keep your hearing." Holland buried her face into his shoulder, the tears almost subsiding.

"I miss him so much." Steve felt his heart break into tiny pieces.

"You'll be alright, Holly. You'll be alright. I am still here, you hear? You are not alone. You have me and the rest of the team to keep you safe."

Almost like on queue, the door swung open with a quiet squeak. Steve turned his head but Holland did not. Her eyes closed but images flashed in the darkness, jolting her awake.

It was Clint who walked through the door, Natasha lingering in the hall. Steve nodded and she returned it before disappearing behind the wall. Clint, however, continued into the room. He walked around the bed, kneeling by the two.

He caught Holland's eye and smiled.

"How you doin' darlin'?" Holland smiled.

"Where you there? When I woke the first time?" Her voice was small, evidence of the troubles that refused her sleep.

Clint nodded, the corner of his mouth pulling up. "I was but I was by the door, keepin' all the bad guys out."

Holland laughed despite his goofy way of speaking. "You're talking to me like I'm a child, why?" Steve leaned over and kissed her temple.

Clint moved his hand onto the bed and held Holland's, her small fingers very much fitting into his. "I've got kids of my own. When they have nightmares this usually works."

Instead of turning him down and sending him away, Holland smiled. "Thank you. Thank you for saving me. You and other two. The woman and the man in the suit. Thank you for bringing me here." She looked up at Steve. "Thank you for bringing me home."

Clint smiled. His eyes darted up to Steve, seeing the incredibly confused look on his face. Since when did Clint have a family? He raised their conjoined hands and kissed her white knuckles. "It's what we do. We'll have you speak to Tony but until then rest up. Capsicle here has deemed nothing but bed rest for you."

Holland squeezed his hand as he left, closing the door behind him. Holland nearly fell asleep on Steve's shoulder. Her eyes drooped closed, her breathing already starting to slow. Steve smiled and laid her down, covers following not too far behind. Just before he moved away her hand caught his wrist.

"You can stay you know. It's not entirely inappropriate to stay here tonight." Steve smiled. He put a knee onto the bed and settled down next to her, hand resting on her shoulder. "Thank you, Steve."

"Anything for my best girl." Holland opened her eyes, knowing how much that statement meant to him. Peggy was most likely still alive and Steve knew it, but he acknowledged her with such a title of endearment. She smiled for the last time that night and finally fell asleep.

AN: edited as of june 3rd,2019 to make the story fit in with my version of the mcu, meaning clint's kids were changed to his niece and nephew/ nephews in order for natasha and clint to realistically be in a relationship. (all the love to laura and the little ones but my clintashsa heart lives on)


an: hey so the whole thing with clint's kids is kinda accurate with steve not knowing bc the events of ca:tws happen before age of ultron so yeah but look at the brO MANCE BETWEEN HOLLAND AND CLINT I WANT THIS

an: hey so the whole thing with clint's kids is kinda accurate with steve not knowing bc the events of ca:tws happen before age of ultron so yeah but look at the brO MANCE BETWEEN HOLLAND AND CLINT I WANT THIS

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