Chapter 1

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Honestly, I don't know where I'll be going with this story. Whether it works or not, it was a simple concept I turned into a story that will be absolute shit. The characters might not be accurate but eh... Some things might not make sense, but I made this out of pure boredom...


Is this was what it was like? To be Rickless? Those Rickless Mortys that Evil Rick and Morty had used as a shield, was this how they felt? No guide to lead them away from the problems they are facing? No person to get them away from home and take them on some wild adventure? I don't know what's wrong with me. The alien doctors have given me anti-depressants but why don't they work? I take more than needed and yet I just can't feel what I want to feel. I pick up the bottle of wine I keep from Mom and Dad, since they have a load downstairs, they never bother to notice. Alcohol numbs the pain. I can see why Rick did it a lot.

"Morty, Summer! Dinner is ready!" Mom calls from downstairs. I can hear two sets of footsteps, probably my sister and dad. I can't move. I don't want to move. Walking feels more like a chore.

"Morty!" Mom calls louder but I ignore it. I could hear Mom and Dad's whispers, debating who would go upstairs and comfort me today. I don't want their comfort. I want to die. Their whispers die down and a set of footsteps come up, knocking.

"Morty?" It was Summer, who was currently studying in college. She's still worried about me, a 16 year old, which held her back from going out-of-state and studying. She had grown slightly more mature, a bit different than what she was before.

"Summer? Wh-What *burp* do you want?" I ask, burping on accident. I was becoming more like Rick, burping in-between my words.

"Morty... Are you drinking?" She asked, forcing the broken lock on my door open and walking in on me taking another drink of the bottle. Running over, she threw the bottle to the side, smashing against the wall.

"What did y-yo-you *hic* do that for?" I asked, grabbing her wrist tightly. I could see her wince in pain but kept her cool.

"Morty. I'm scared for you."

"Wou-Wouldn't you do this too?!"

"Is this about Rick?"

"Don't say t-that n-name again!"

"Morty. It's been two years."

"Two years? Is that how l-long it takes for you to lose h-hope?!"

"Morty. He's gone. He won't come back! Stop living in the past!" She shouted, slapping me with her other free hand. I could feel tears stream down my cheeks, my vision blurring. She looks at me with a sincere expression and says, "I'm sorry."

"I d-deserved it." I replied.

"Will you come to dinner, we can talk after this okay? Mom is worried about you. She's still hurt too. At least give her the son she needs." Summer said reassuringly and I nodded slowly, letting Summer guide me downstairs. Mom is looking at her food and Dad is too, looking up once I take a seat.

"You're gonna have to do me a real solid. When we get to customs, I'm gonna need you to take these seeds into the bathroom, and I'm gonna need you to put them way up inside your butthole, Morty." Rick says, handing me two mega seeds.

"In my butt?" Morty replied, nervous. He had never stuck anything up his ass before.

"Put them way up inside there, as far as they can fit."

"Oh jeez Rick..."

"Morty?" Dad asks and I snap back to it, realizing that I my arm had hit my glass of water, making it drop to the floor and soak my jeans.

"I...I need to talk to Rick... Where is he? I'm fine..." I mumble, my vision blurring once again and I slowly try my best to stumble out of the room.

"Honey..." Mom looks at me, trying to grab my shoulder, her eyes flashed with hurt for a second. Summer looks at me, shocked as if I would have said that and Dad stops Mom before she tries to grab me again.

I stumble into the garage, almost falling a couple of times, but I make it.

"Ric-" I expected the garage to be filled with gadgets and things I wouldn't understand. Instead it's clean, a car inside the driveway, regular boxes and gardening tools you would find in an average garage. I fall to my knees, tears falling from my eyes. I could feel Mom, Dad, and Summer's eyes looking at me.

"Morty. Your grandfather isn't here, remember?" Mom says, her tone so monotone, as if she was dead.

"You're lying. He's... He's coming back."

"Mor-" Summer tries to speak and I interrupt her.

"He's c-coming the fuck back!"

"Morty. He ditched us and left us on the planet!" Dad said and I clench my fist.

"He s-sacrificed himself for our goddamn asses! Why would you even care? You never liked him. You hated his guts. You h-hated that he w-was l-living h-here! He was baggage to you Dad, but to me, he was my only friend!" Dad was taken aback, surprised by my outburst. I blink, surprised myself.

"I'm sorry... I just...want him back..."

"Morty. I feel the same way." Mom said, kneeling down with me and shedding a couple of tears with me.

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