Chapter 5- Bonding or...A Date

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After having their lunch, Souji brought Sayuri to her room.

" I think you should go and take a rest" Sayuri told Souji

" Eh, I want to give you a tour around town right now" he pouted and crossed his arms.

" I'm worried about your tuberculosis and I need to rest because of my journey. How about this, after we eat our breakfast tomorro, then you can give me a tour then"

" Good idea" he then kisse Sayuri's cheek. He turned around and left with a smirk. Sayuri quickly went inside her room. She placed one of her hand on her chest

' Why the heck he did that ?'


The next day, Sayuri headed to the dining area. She yawned and opened the door and saw everyone, except for someone.

" Ohayo, Sayuri-chan" Chizuru greeted

" Ohayo" Sayuri greeted back and sat between Saito and Heisuke.

" You look grouchy in the morning" Heisuke said while munching some fish.

" Whatever" Sayuri muttered and started eating her food.

" Where's Souji ?"

" I think his still asleep in his room" Kondo said

" I'll go and wake him up" Sayuri stood up and opened the door. She then saw Souji in front of her, holding a lily.

" Ohayo, Sayuki-chan" Souji greeted while leaning the flower towards Sayuri's face. Sayuki swatted Souji's hand away

" Aww, how could you hurt yourself ?" Souji pouted.

 " Are you mocking me ?" she said, angrily.

"Maybe" he smirked

" You really are a jerk" Sayuri muttered

" Souji, stop teasing Sayuri and eat your breakfast. Shinpachi will eat yours" Kondo  half shouted, Souji just sort of brushed it off.

" Let him have it. I still have my date with Yuri-chan around town before my patrol later. See ya" Souji then took Sayuri's wrist and dragged her.

" S-Souji, let go of me"


" I can't  believe you dragged me here and didn't let me finish my meal" Sayuri, muttered. Souji then did his signature chuckle.

" Gomene. I just wan to be with you earlier before my patrol" Souji then put both of his arms across the back of his head.

" Weirdo" Sayuri muttered

" Want to eat some dango ?" Sayuri nodded


They went to the dango shop, had some dango and hot tea. After they ate their dango and drank their tea, they continued looking around town. Seeing a lot of shops and stalls.

They then head back to the Shinsengumi headquarters during lunch and saw Harada arrived with his squad.

" I see that the both of you are back from your date" Harada snickered

" I don't even call it that" Souji said and went inside the headquarters

" I thought that the both of you had a date. What's up with him ?" Harada raised one of his brows and tapped his shoulder using the handle of his spear. Sayuri looked confused.

" Is it really a date or did we....just hang out together ?" she murmured


Sayuri is now heading to the courtyard to practice with any of the Shinsengumi Unit Captain she saw. Before she went there, she saw Souji and his squad had return from their patrol. She then walk towards Souji.

" Hey, Yuri-chan" he greeted

" Tell me. Did you took me out on a date or did we just hang out together ?" Sayuri asked with a serious look and both of her hands placed on her hips.

" Of course it's a date. Didn't you remember what I told Kondo-san ?"


" Let him have it. I still have my date with Yuri-chan around town before my patrol later. See ya" Souji then took Sayuri's wrist and dragged her.


" So what do you mean that you don't call it as a date ?" Sayuri asked with a confused look. Souji shrugged and had a smirk plastered on his face. He then leaned to kiss Sayuri-s forehead. He then turned around with a chuckle and left, leaving a blushing flower



To those who read my first chapters, I sort of mistaken my Japanese. I thought that Sayuki means Lily, but it was suppose to be Sayuri. I already changed the Oc's name in my first chapters.

I won't be updating again because of school and I sort of need to edit this fanfic on my phone. I'll try to finifh my Free! Iwatobi Swim Club one-shot of Makoto. Hope that you can wait for it, this and my other updates.

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