I started to cry again. The man picked me up. He saw that I wet my pants. And said, wow little baby boy why did you peed your pants?! yuck!.... u stink! I'll find your friends later. No time for them now. He threw me back in the car and drove back. When the leader saw that we were back, he asked why. And then he saw I wet my pants. He said: Oh! Did you peed your pants? You didn't listen huh? Bad kiddie. We need to punish you. And I got a nice idea!!!

He walked to a room. A few moments later he came with something white. He was holding a bottle in another hand. He picked me up and threw me on a bed. I was scared and wanted to jump out of bed. But he was too strong and pushed me down. He tied my hands and put a pacifier in my mouth. I feel his hands went down to my pants. I was kicking in the air. But he didn't care. With a powerful pull, he pulled down my wet pants and slip. I was still crying... didn't know what could happen.

He lifted up my legs and shove that white thing under my butt. Then he grabbed the bottle and threw some white powder over my penis and butt. I could smell that it was baby powder. With his other hand he rubbed the powder. He pushed something up my butt and closed the diaper. And tightened it. Then he left me. There was I... Lying nude on a bed. My hands tied... And worst, IN A DIAPER!!! I AM NOT A BABY, I screamed. I just hear an evil laugh and he locked the door.

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