2 || 8 year flash back

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You ended up drinking way too much the previous night with everyone. In all honestly your memory is still a little foggy, but none the less, you knew you drank to much. And sadly it isn't your monstrous hangover headache or the smell of alcohol radiating off your body. It was walking up in the middle of a table in the guild hall without you beloved jacket. But it looks like you're not the only one. You chuckled as you see multiple passed out bodies around the guild hall, and one of them was the ice princess himself.

After a while, Mirajane, walks up to you with a cup of coffee in hand. "You sure did have fun last night." she said giggling. You were still a little groggy but it didn't take you much to get over it. "hmmm... what exactly happened last night?" you ask while slowly getting off the table. Before she answered you, she gave a series of small giggles. You knew no good news is coming if she's giggling like this. "It's scary when you are giggling like that, you know". You stated bluntly as your feet land firmly on the floor. You take the coffee from the hands and began to sip at it. She stopped giggling and gave a small giddy smile. Which made you even more uneasy. "Oh shit" you thought. We decided celebrate your return home." She began. "So we threw you a welcome home party and like usual things got out of hand. For example, Conna challenged you to a drinking competition and you surprising tied with her. After that, you where really drunk and you got into an argument with Gray, who was at the time just as drunk as you were. You two got into a little argument to see who was better. A little while later you had a sing off with Gajeel and while you were singing, you pasted out. hehehehe. So that's when the party ended." You gave out a small chuckle. "So, that's what happened." you dryly stated while rubbing the back of your neck. "Well then, thank you!"

Time Skip:

The day is heading into the evening and the guild hall was as loud as usual. You looked around and saw smiling faces and lots of alcohol.

You cringed when you remembered that you had a huge hangover this morning. Luckily you got over it, now you're just dehydrated. Actually to most people's surprise, you are someone who can hold their liquor. Natsu, Gray, and Laxus were the ones who took it the hardest, them you were just like an "innocent" little sister.

Thinking of Natsu, you remembered that he was the one who took your jacket. You confronted him and he blankly stated it was for 'safe keepings'. Whatever that means. It was probably that demonic cat's idea. However, you called Natsu a "creep" before you took your jacket back.

Time passed and you eventually found yourself sitting alone in the busy guild hall. So, you began to recall your previous mission.

"It's been a stressful 8 years. The master sent you on the mission since you were the only one strong enough that was in the guild hall. You had to protect a village from monsters, dark guilds, and demons. In all honesty this village had really bad luck. The village protected a priceless artifact,  Draco Daemon, meaning dragon Demon. It was a demonic Jade gem that was engraved  into a tablet of marble which was surrounded by an ancient prophesy about a dragon slayer."

Slowly the memories of your previous mission took over you mind.

Flash Back:

You arrived in a beautiful village in the mountains. The forest's greenness was intertwined with the village. Trees and roots were hanging off the buildings and wild animals roamed around and basked in the tree's shade.

Like usual, you are the one thing that doesn't fit in with the scenery. The people dressed in bright and vibrant colors stared at your dark clothed attire. Looking around once again, you could see fear and hatred radiating off the town's people. To your surprise, their negative emotions were directed towards you.

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