Letter No 1

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At night.

Dear papa.
In all these dark nights all the days I spend with you ,all the memories start haunting me. It been 10 months that you left leaving us all alone. Each day passed without you didn't allow us to forget the pain. We eat,talk and laugh but not like when we were with you. You filled our days with happiness. We had only one happiness in our lives and that was you papa but you also left. And now we smile to keep each other happy but we know from heart how much we miss you with every passing second.

You know mom misses you so much. She kept crying. I tried my best to keep her happy but its difficult without you to keep everyone happy. All the people you trusted show their true colour and abandoned us. We have no one. We all are so alone without you. The grief of loosing you will never fade away. You live in our heart papa but it hurts when all the living people,the living relations shows their real colour and then you come to know how fool we were thinking them as our well wisher.

I'm in these dark nights when everyone falls asleep,I couldn't. The days and the time I spend without you start haunting me. And I lost in them. Every day I got up having you in my heart. With my every passing second I feel you with me but sometime I wanted to see you standing in front of me. I never told you that how much I love you and now I wanted to say but you are nowhere. Please come back. I wanted to see your hands to hold them. your eyes which always lightened my tensions and worries.

Papa I want to tell you that how much I miss you. How much I love you. But you are nowhere to listen to me. Please for once come back and hug me. I miss the warmth,the protection of your embrace. Everytime you said everything will be Fine I got relaxed. I wanted to listen those words again. Please come back and talk to me. I'm feeling so lonely. Please come back.

Your daughter

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