Chapter 12

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After about half an hour Kelly finally stopped crying. But only because she fell asleep. I walked over to my bed and jumped under the covers, trying to move around without waking Kelly up. As I lay in bed all I could think about was Kelly's situation. I remember Kelly telling me that her soul mate was a player. I never knew he went our school though. It must be hard for Kelly to see him everyday. Mark was suck an idiot to not want her. She was way better then The Barbie. I'm surprised she not mad at him though. If it was me I would be pissed with Mark.

I slowly began to drift asleep thinking about ways that I couldkill Mark when I see him.

The next day I spent mostly with Kelly. We had all the same classes together. There was only one class I actually liked and you could probably guess which class that was. When we arrived at Defence class I was so excited. Today we were doing an actual fight lesson.

Kelly and I got changed into out fight clothes and headed to the gym. She hasn't mentioned anything about Mark today and I don't think she will. I wanted to ask her more about it but I think it would just make her depressed to talk about it.

When we entered the gym there was blue mats spread out all over the place. The rest off the class were all sitting on the floor talking to once another. Kelly and I headed over to Joey and began talking to him. A few minutes later I heard the gym door open and I looked over to see Drake walking in. He looked so hot in his work out gear, especially when her was wearing that tight top.

Everyone stopped talking and turned to look at Drake. I saw some girls drooling over him but I decided not to let it get to me. Its not there fault Drake is so good looking I suppose.

"Today class we are going to be practicing some of the techniques we have been talking about in lessons over the past few days." Drake said. We were practicing the moves we learnt in class? Dam. I knew I should of paid attention.

Drake began splitting us up into partners. After he had split us about half the class he finally got to mine, Kelly's and Joeys names. Please let me be with one of these two.

"Kelly and Joey." Drake read out. I silently cursed to myself. Just my luck.

Kelly gave me a small apologetic smile and walked off with Joey.

"Molly and Mark." Drake called out. My day could not get any worse. I now had to spend an hour with the guy who broke my friends heart. Then again were going to be spending the hour fighting. I felt an evil smile appear on my face.

I spotted Mark across the gym and made my way over to him.

"Hey Mark." I said forcing a smile. I so badly just wanted to punch him in the face. After what Kelly told me just makes me feel so pissed off.

"Hey Molly, ready to get you ass kicked?" He said cockily. I fisted my hands at my sides. No way am I going to be beaten by this dick.

"Keep on dreaming." I snarled at him. He gave me a confused look and followed me over to the mats. We both took our fighting possessions and began to fight. He ran at me and tried to sweep my legs out from under me but I jumped over him and landed behind him. He quickly turned back around and threw a punch at me which I ducked easily. I think I'm doing well considering I didnt listen in class.

He threw a few more punches but I dodged them all. He was getting boring so I tried to end the fight. He ran at me and I ran at him. When I was near anoth I jumped up in the air as high as I could, wrapped my legs around his neck and leaned backwards so that I flipped him over my head and onto the floor. I heard the thud of his body making contact with the floor and smiled. So much for him thinking he could beat me. I have to say though I'm a bit shocked I won considering his been a vampire longer than me.

When I stood back up I noticed that the whole class was staring at me with shocked expressions. When I turned to Drake he also looked shocked. I stood there feeling awkward. Why was everyone staring at me? I looked down at Mark to see him knocked out on the floor. Whoops!

Drake noticed after a few seconds that Mark was knocked out and rushed over to his side. He then went off to go get a nurse. People began to whisper to each other and by the looks of it they were talking about me.

"How the hell did you do that? You've only been a vampire for 1 day and you don't even pay attention in fight class." Joey said to me.

"I don't know." I whispered. I was getting freaked out. Was there something wrong with me?

The school speaker turned on over our heads and the head masters voice came through.

"Miss Westfield, please report to my office NOW please."

I huffed and grabbed my bag with my uniform in it and made my way out of the gym. I could feel peoples eyes on my back as I left. I walked down the corridors when I came to the familiar door that read 'Head Master ' on it. I knocked on the door and heared him mumble 'come in '.

I opened the door and saw the head teacher and Drake seating at the desk. They looked over to me as I came in and shut the door behind me.

"I bet I know what this is about." I mumbled as I sat down in the chair and dropped by bag on the floor with a loud thump.

"Well were very confused as to how you knocked out Mark in the gym." Mr. Peterson mumbled looking deep in thought." I suggest we do a blood test on you." He suggested. I hate blood tests, I dont like needles.

"Why?" Asked Drake.

"Well there's obviously something different about her." Mr.Peterson said. He stood up and pressed a button on his desk.

"Miss Jones could you please send the school nurse, and tell her to bring a needle with her. Thank you." He said into the speaker. I looked over at Drake and gave him a help me look. He paused  for a second and then turned to his father.

"Is a blood test really necessary?" He asked.

"I'm afraid so, its not normal what Molly did in class today." He told Drake. There was a knock at the door and then the nurse came in with a small medical bag. She  put her bag down on the floor next to me and began setting up the needle.

"How is Mark?" Drake asked the nurse.

"I'm afraid his still out cold. Should hopefully come around in a few minutes." She said. She finished setting up the needle and rolled up my sleeve. I turned away and grabbed the nearest think to me which just happened to be Drakes hand. I quickly let go and put my hand on my  leg. I felt someone grab my  hand and I looked up to see it was Drake. He gave my hand a light squeeze that made me feel much more relaxed.

I bit my lip as I felt the needle enter my arm and squirmed at the feeling. I wish she would hurry up and take the needle out.

A few seconds later she pulled it out and put it into her medical bag. I sighed and rolled my sleeve back down.

"Well we should get the results in a couple of days." The nurse said. She finished packing up her bag and walked out the room.

"I think we should put you into a special class, one where unusual vampires can practice." Mr.Peterson told me. A special class? Why cant I just be normal? I was about to complain but Drake cut me off.

"I think that's a great idea, at least intill we find out if there is something different about her." He said. He gave me a look that said don't start an argument. I sighed and slumped down in the chair.

I just had to be special.

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