Chapter Four - Part Two

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Chapter Four - Part Two

Blackness came over me, but only for a moment. I felt more misery in a second and then I was washed over with relief. My eyes closed only to open on a bed with white pillows, white sheets, a cool breeze coming over me, modern art on the walls and a black dresser facing me. When I rolled over, a large window overlooked a silver and diamond city.

When I looked down, I was in a white, button up shirt too large for me in white covers and my skin was unscarred, pale pink and at the tabletop next to me a gun was hovering over a light pad requesting a code for its release. Suddenly, I was drawn to a flushing sound from the bathroom, the sink turning on and off, the smell of cologne spreading over the room and then the black door opening.

Before the face could expose itself to me, I turned away and placed my face back into the covers. I heard a man laugh and it seemed to echo in my mind. A cool hand ran up my leg and to my waist and then stopped followed by a warm body sitting behind me. I didn’t know who it was. Subconsciously, I was scared as a visitor but the version of me in the memory was perfectly comfortable.

“Are you really going to go to work on your one day off this month?” He asked me in a very low tone voice.

With a shrug, I rolled onto my back and shut my eyes. The frustration of not seeing this person was starting to irritate me but I couldn’t control what had already happened. Instead, I sighed and stretched my arms out, “What can I say? I am a workaholic.”

“I noticed.”

“You aren’t going to miss me, are you?” There it was, my sarcasm. I guess I lost some, but not all, of who I once was. That was refreshing.

“Of course not!” He laughed, “I plan on entertaining myself with paperwork and working out. That’s much more fun than spending time with the woman you love.”

This time I turned over to face him. While I should have seen his face, the image began to blur as my actual, real time body tried to awaken. Instead, it was his outline sitting with a white shirt on with skin only a hint darker than my own. It was still strange to me to see the difference in those I had been around the past few months.

“What did you just say?” When I asked him this, it sounded as if my voice was a in a tunnel. I tried to stay with it but I would soon be leaving.

This was something I so desperately wanted to see. This was my life. I didn’t know, until now, if I should even miss it. I definitely missed this.

“I think you heard me, soldier.”

“Listen, I…”

“Don’t say anything. I know.”

“How do you know?” I began to panic in this vision. I was also rapidly leaving it. Before the man could speak to me again, I was gone and being splashed again with the liquid. When I awoke, I was in the carriage and Zek was tapping my face gently.

“What’s going on?” I jumped forward as my heart started to race. Looking down at my arms and feeling my face, no wounds had been inflicted. He was confused looking at me when I realized the splash was only a small pat of water from the cloth.

“We are traveling ma’am. Mr. Chief told us we were nearing the docks.”

“How did I get into the carriage.” He laughed as if I was joking when he tilted his head at me. I felt somewhat scared. It seemed I was continuing to lose memories.

“You walked on.”

“I walked into the carriage… just fine?”

“What is going on?”

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