Chapter Four - Part One

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 Chapter Four - Part One

After our stay in the cave city, the chief and his escorts shoved both Zek and myself into the small carriage we’d come in and we were off to wherever the next destination was. It had seemed the sand storm was over but the morbidity of it all still lingered in the air. We passed several villages on the away to the final stop and with it, small glimpses stolen from when the door would open to feed or hydrate us, sad faces, gloom and destruction lingered. I could hear townspeople calling it the worst storm of the ages and the Bin-Rah must have been a bad omen.

It was good I had already been making a name for myself. It sounded as if Bin-Rah was a generic term and so I would soon need to be finding a real name for myself. As of right now, Sand Swallower was a real cool temporary. Another one seemed to be the Eye of Death and then, the least creative, Evil Stranger. I was real disappointed with the last one. I didn’t feel any real effort was put into it.

Finally, while still far off in the distance, I could hear the sounds of the ocean. Zek informed me the first ocean which provided as a barrier between the Sixth and Seventh Circle’s was the Mystic Sea. This large mass of water would provide as the most dull, blue waters and yet the largest making it so very hard to cross without proper boats.

As we came to a rather steep mass of sand, one of the men begged chief for one last break before the long stretch onto our port and final destination. Chief was ok with allowing it but the tone of his voice peaked an interest in me that I wasn’t sure I could trust.

While the other men relaxed and stretched, the man who made the request walked off a distance from the group acting casually while there was sweat pouring down his forehead in a much thicker pace than the others. Something was wrong. From what I could see through my limited sight, this was not a good situation to be in.

“What is going on?” Zek asked staring at me curiously. I pulled a thin rod from the décor of the inner cabin and stuck it into the lock on our side of the cabin door. After several tries I heard a click and it cracked open.

“No matter what happens, I need you to stay in here.” In the distance, still a length away that the men could not year and yet my ears picked up, steps in the sand indicated men were surrounding us from all sides. It seems most of them had buried themselves while others were awaiting us on the other side of the hill.

Chief began to yell at me as I rounded the carriage when I indicated to him silence was crucial. The rogue guard had disappeared and now the three left along with our leader were staring at me with mass confusion. I ran up to him and pulled him by the chains down to my level as I spoke to him in his native tongue, “We have an attack coming up from all ends. From what I can tell, five, maybe six men on the attack.

“How can you be certain?”

I strained an intense look at him. Before I could relay an appropriate response of reassurance, a man uncloaked himself from the sandy disguise he lay in and was seconds away from stabbing our leader in the back. It was a very cowardly way to do things. This is why I couldn’t let it happen.

From his belt, I grabbed the long sword to my chief’s right, leaving him the left, and let the slow motion of my attacks set in. I could see everything around us and it gave me an edge above the enemy. With a spin, I made my way around the mountain chief was, sliced the chest of his attacker and then from behind stuck the sword right through to the front end of his stomach. Blood spewed like a fountain and stained the right side of chief. It happened so quickly that only after he turned did he see the man.

“I’m certain!”

The men charged us and screamed as they did so. We were in a battle and the goal was to keep them from the carriage. While the other men took on their own assassins, I ran to the sound end of our travel group and took on two men coming at us from behind. There was no sign of the traitor but he would not get far.

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