Barry's P.O.V:
I sat on the bed looking at Skye. When she was chasing Cisco she stopped screamed 'No!' Then fell unconscious. I'm really scared for her. Almost every hour she begins screaming.

"Skye I need you... I can't lose you... your the only person that can make me feel whole. You have no idea how much I love you. I can't stand you on this hospital bed. Almost every week your put on here and I don't want that. Skye please. Wake up" I plead. Then the heart monitor starts beating rapidly and she begins screaming. Caitlin comes rushing in with Harrison. He tries to take me out. "No. I won't leave her...." I say. Then the beating on the heart monitor starts slowing down. Too slow. "We're losing her" Caitlin says scared. "SKYE!".

Most of you may want to kill me right now. Please forgive me.

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