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Hey everyone here is a quick video of the main character Tahlia Hunter!
(Played by Sarah Ellen)
Tahlia pov
I was sitting in geography class when I received a text message from Alex, this didn't really surprise me he has been texting me quite a lot over the past 2 days.

Alex- hey chick what's up ;)
Tahlia- I can't talk I'm in class!
Alex- wait I have something important t-

Just as I was about to read the rest of text I heard my name being shouted. "Ms Hunter is that a phone I see, after school detention it is then!"  Everyone was just looking at me wide eyed, yes this is my first time ever getting in trouble.
I was now sitting in detention, it smelled horrible and the people were foul. I felt a tap on my shoulder and when I looked back I regretted it straight away, "do you have a lighter I could borrow I'll give ya a free cig" he whispered, I just gulped and nodded no. But then he thought it was alright to make a comment about me "hoe" yeah I don't know why I did what I did, I'm just really sensitive so stood up went to the teacher and asked if I could continue tomorrow. Since I have a good reputation at school all teachers seem to like me, It was a major advantage. "Of course darlin" I could smell the alcohol on her breath. Gosh I hate public schools!

Once I got home I went on Twitter and I had a 15 new followers but one that caught my eye was Alex Hayes..
@_alex_hayes_  started following you.

But when I looked at he's tweets I was so embarrassed...

Sorry for the short chapter next one is gonna be long with a a lot of drama ;)

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