I stood there watching Barry and Iris make out. "What are you doing?" I ask them. "Making out. I thought you were smart" Iris said. Then Barry looks at me. "You thought I loved you. Your a disgrace. I've always loves Iris, you were just my rebound" Barry says. I start crying. I look down.

Then I'm standing in front of Caitlin and she has a gun to her head. "I can't take the pain anymore. Ronnie, Jay, all of them are gone. I can't take it" Caitlin said. I look at her. "Caitlin NO!" I scream. Then she shoots herself.

Then the scene changes and Joe and Cisco were staring at me with hatred in their eyes. "I hate you!" Joe sceams. "That lightning bolt should have killed you!" Cisco screams. "Please. I've lost soo much" I plead. "Look she's begging. Weak!" Cisco snarls.

Then the scenery changes. I'm in front of Zoom and he scoffs at me. "See... they all hate you. You should have joined me when you had the chance" Zoom says. He brings up his hand and puts it through my chest. And darkness consumes me.

Hello. Sorry for taking soo long.

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