Chapter Three - Parts One & Two

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Chapter Three

Our carriage took us deep into the tough terrain of the caves before it had become so rocky we had to get out. Chief threw the doors open and pulled me out by my upper arm. I didn’t fight back as I still didn’t know what was happening however I didn’t appreciate the roughness either.

“Tell me what is going on.” I demanded as we walked a great distance before the rest of the group. He wanted to be sure we could not be heard.

In his very deep, very chilling voice, he pulled me in close and whispered into my ear, “That is not information you are privileged to yet, Bin-Rah.”

I tugged at him just once, just enough for him to lose his balance, and he fell over landing on his side with the wounded ribs. A loud scream echoed through the tunnels following the hushing of the men behind us.

Zek was not being forced along but escorted with several men I recognized and several I did not. Those men were much lighter in skin with dark hair and similar robes. I was sure their skin was not as tan because this must have been where they lived permanently.

“If you don’t tell me where we are going I am going to break your other side.” I looked down at him disapprovingly with only the lights of the torches behind us to outline his body and face. He was very angry, livid in fact. Nothing could have upset him more.

The chief stood up and placed a hand on his bandages. He then pointed in the direction we were heading and grabbed my arm a little less aggressively, “We are heading to the home of the cave people. They are very well armed and protected and can house us for a short time.”

“What are we running from?”

“You tell me.” I knew the burning of chiefs pride village had been my fault. This was obvious seeing as how it wasn’t on fire regularly.

I sucked in a deep breath and trudged forward. It was very hard to see but my eye adapted quickly. Before long we were nearing a new set of torches, small at first and then becoming a size that could accurately outline our path. Most of the men, including the chief, had fallen over and scuffed themselves up. The cave people laughed and took close watch to my swift movements. In light was when I would need to struggle. Here, no one could see therefore no one knew my sight was back.

Awaiting us at the lights had been two other light skinned men of the same large build and muscle mass. It seemed these were the gate keepers standing before two stone doors with a single chain and lock. Each man had what looked like half a key strapped to their necks and long swords at their waists.

Chief spoke but the men ignored him. Instead, one of the others escorting us gave the go-ahead to allow entry in their native language. The men seemed hesitant looking me over as so many had and came together to open the door. Zek came back to my side and touched a small cut on my skin that had come from passing by an incredibly sharp mass of rock.

“I’m ok.” I reassured him. He knew better than to react and so he bowed his head and walked me through the now open doors to the cave village.

Once inside, the room was very well lit and looked very similar to the city of stone above where I stayed. People were walking, shopping and working as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening outside. The shades of skin were all pale and paler here allowing me to feel as if I were much more at home. Now, the golden boys of the village outside would feel like the Bin-Rah here.

Our escorts walked us through what looked like this place’s town square and into a building with the only sealed and wooden door. In here a group of soldiers varying in skin tones awaited. It seemed villages from all over knew to come to this place. For what reason, we had yet to find out.

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