Chapter 1

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"Don't you guys ever rest" I said my eyes staring deeply at the two men blocking my path with guns aimed at me, it seems it won't be pretty after all.

The general prepare his aim but i stopped him without taking my eyes off the men i felt the raw feel of disgust.
I laughed and so did my men. I only wanted to take a walk around my land but it seems trouble always as one up my ass.

I took a step forward then stopping in my tracks as the graze of a bullet miss me by a centimetre 'not playing fair i see' my heart whispered agreeing to its statement.
" oh you are cheating" I smiled masking my face to seriousness, they dare come on my land roaring up trouble must came to answer their death wish
pulling two knife out slowly, observing them I swiftly hit them in the heads without a second to spare. I watch as they fall feeling satisfied, i nod to two of my men to deal with the mess.

" that was easy" I turned to my men expressions were no where to be found their faces lace with intend of war. I don't wrong them this as been happening for a while now.

"shall we" I walked ahead my destination my bed.

I felt eyes watching me burning the surface of my skin its not the first time i felt eyes but this time it's more intense. I looked around and there I spot a shadowy figure , I adjusted my eyes at the shadow but it disappeared the second i looked again.

"Miss Cleo" I looked at John my first in command then smiled " it is nothing to worry about " we continued our way on but something in the back of my head was screaming that something was up.

"Miss Cleo an urgent", the palace advisor said as soon as i entered the palace. I dismissed him giving him the que of discussing this later. That shadow figure in my mind, i choose to ignore it for now. A warm bath would be great right now all the worries of this land place on my shoulder, I didn't know until my teen years with me ruling other than having a wild and free life. Sigh.... I can't complain, its quite good.


There was a knock on my door "may I come in my lady". I sense the voice has john's "yes you may". He entered adjusting his eyes in the dark room. He stood in front of me casting his eyes trying to locate where I was. "my lady there has been a report of unknown shadowy creatures spot in the nearby villages". I was not surprise hearing this for this claims I was not seeing doubles. "send Logan to investigate let a couple of the guards follow". He nods his head in understanding while turning to leave. John as been with me from the fall of my parents to the day I was queen. Its been a long history, the ups and the downs playing the cards right.

I Remember after the fall of my parents my powers got out of control, almost killing thousand if the council didn't step in the land and all living would be dead. They mask my powers hiding its existence from my source 'my heart'

Not many understand me and for I don't understand my self. Many years have past of the saying of a prophet, I was told I was part of the prophet that's why I stayed hidden from the outside. Now 2,000 years have pass for the sayings to be true. I haven't notice anything different only the shadow creature finding pleasure of watching me. I heard that its from the vampire realm,sending shadow creatures the evil king wanting something but If they come for me I will be ready.

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