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The donnie's finally got the portal working again, for many reasons the portal broke for awhile there, but Donnie and Donnie fixed it. "I gotta ask, Why did August O'neil Name you after dudes when your girls?" you asked anyone. "He was a little boy, what do you expect." Mikey #2 answered. "Good point." "alright its all ready. There is a small chance that We could bump into another dimension but the odds are 49.999997. "Cya dudettes." Mikey goodbyed and went through with a canon ball. Leo walked through with Donnie following behind him. "Maybe we will meet again, but that chance is about 30 out of 100-" He was cutt off by Raph shoving his head through the portal. Raph walked through the portal holding your hand in his. And then the portal closed down as Donnie #2 pulled the leaver. The other genderebender you commented "Can you even imagine you and Me dating, Raph. Yea that'll happen." Raph #2 chuckled as she rubbed her neck with a honey glow on her cheeks as she watched You walk away. She bit her lip, "Hey Y/N?" "Yea?" "Do..You maybe wanna..*sigh* do you mind helping me clean up the dojo?" "Yea sure(: " In the dimensional travel. Everyone was traveling at the speed of light; it was black and OuterSpacy looking with all the Yellow, Orange, Pink, red, Blue Gases surrounding you all. As the others kept flying and spinning but for some reason the current took you in a different Direction and in the process of it taking you; you screamed "RAPHAEL!" He looked behind him to see you were growing farther apart. "Y/N!!" The guys looked over at You flying backwards "Y/N!" Then all this sudden the boys hit face down onto the Concreted and stoned floors. Raph Groaned as he lifted himself on all fours then Looked up really fast looking for you. The others were opening there eyes, feeling lightheaded and dizzy. Mikey ran to the bathroom throwing up. "Y/N!" He ran and walked into every room. Then he stopped in the middle of their home "YY/NNNN!" He screamed as he fell to his knees. He took his sai's and stabbed them into the ground. His palms wrapped around his sai's, knees on the ground as his bandanna tails fell past his face as his shoulders sunk. He wanted to Cry but nothing came out so he just stared at the ground, Breaking down on the inside. "Raphael.." Donnie sounding apologetic. Raphael's eyes scrolled up to where Donnie was and then he stood up and as his walk turned into a charge towards Donnie. Donnie froze; cause if anyone would scare him, it was Raphael. Raph pinned him to the wall with one hand holding him up above himself and holding his Sai against Donnie's throat "WHERE IS SHE!!" "I DON'T KNOW!" "RAPHAEL Get off of HIM!" Leo Demanded. "WHERE IS SHE!!" Its like his mind wasn't comprehending that Fact that Donatello doesn't know where you are and there's so much left in OuterSpace that we haven't explored. "I DON'T KNOW Raphael! I'm Sorry!" Raphael's went from being angry and Narrow to soft and hurt. He let his brother down soft with his hand lowering donnie. He tucked his sai's back into their holders. "I'm sorry, Donnie." He apologized not looking at him. Donnie gasped for air as he said "Its ok, I get it." He was still gasping a bit. He walked off into his room and slammed the door. Mikey came back "what did i miss?" <~In Raphs room~> he leaned against his door and looked around his empty room..remembering everything you two did together. The laughs. The cries. The anger. The lust. More crying. More laughing. His eyes trailed over to his short dresser. He saw a plate of cookies with a note. He picked up the note I made these cookies for you last night but after your nightly run you fell asleep. Their double chocolate w/ white choco. chips. Ur favorite. y/n. He sat down on his bed as his one hand covered his eye and eyebrow as he reread the note. As he read the note, tear drops fell onto it. He then covered his face with the note still in his hand and cried. He finally cried as he held the note tighter. The others were ease dropping against the door to see how he was doing. ~> in the other dimension<~ you were falling out of earths sky at an alarming rate. Your skin was burning and so were ur eyes. Your body jolted once it was grabbed by someone. "Hang on!" They're rough voice demanded. You looked over your shoulder to see its back was a shell. Your spirit was lifted to know it was a turtle. You two were still falling until he let the parachute open up. You two just floated in the air softly and gently as your eyes went from looking down at the ground to see a White city and many bushy tree's still standing to look up at your hero. It was Raph. With a black n red motorcycle bandanna o and a pair of shades. I guess this one doesn't like masks. He didnt even bother to look at you. You two finally reached the ground. He then dropped you, Like literally He Dropped you from under his arm to the ground. "Geez! Rough much!" "Your welcome you snot nose brat." "Hey! Thats rude!" He finally looked at you looking like he had a mouth full to say but then He immediately took off his sunglasses and his eyes began to water. He turned his whole body to just give you all his focus. "Why are you looking at me like that? Its creepy." He just couldn't say anything. "Stop it!" You demanded. "Y/n? Is. Is it really you?" "Yea why" he walked over to you towering over you. picked you up and planted a kiss on your lips. It lasted for about 5 seconds. When he let go you were stunned. "What do you think you are doing?" You asked after you slapped him. You squeezed yourself out of his arms and fell back onto the floor. "Y/n. Its me. Raphael." "I know who you are. But I've met allot of Raphael's this week." "Yes but Im your raphael." You stopped dusting yourself off and looked up at him. You saw he has aged allot. Not like one of those old saggy turtles that carry canes and have really long Necks but you could see he has definitely aged. "Raph? What happened to you. No offense but.. You look old.." He chuckled that's because i am old. Im 319 years old to be exact." "WHAT!" "Heh yea. But i see you haven't aged at all. Still young and radiant as ever." He gestured his Hand going up and down as You blushed at his words. Then you realize "then i didn't jump dimensions. I jumped Time! O my god. Oh my god. What do i do? Donnie isnt here. Wait. Is he??" he shook is head "No, The only ones left in this family is Me and Mikey." "So leo and Don..there.." He breathed out his nose "yea." You looked away feeling grief, being alone like that. "well at least you got Mikey." "Yea, he's not a goofball anymore though. He's a real hardass now." "oh..well then." "Oh damn it all to hell Y/N. You have no idea how long i've been wanted to see you. Ive missed you so damn much. There are times at night when i would trade my soul to the devil to just to feel you again. I really want you back. After that day you got pulled from us during the dimensions, Ever since then, I've been alone and I didn't want anyone else. Even after people knew about us. All the girls, No. No-one can compare to you." Your heart literally melted. "Raphael." you stepped forward towards him and put your hand on his forearm. He got chills. "I would never want to Not Move on. I feel like I held you back from loving others." "Its my choice, I Don't want to love anyone else." "It still feels like its my fault." He kneeled down and moved a piece of hair out of your face to behind your ear. "Its not" He smiled. "There's that genuine smile." you teased. He got up and put you on his left shoulder and started walking. "Dear lord, Have you gotten taller?" "Heh yea I'm about 7ft now. I used to be 6"6" "Where are we going?" "I'm taking you to mikey, He's learned some of Donnie's smarts over the years." "So he's the new Donnie?" "I guess you could say that." You put your folded arms on top of his head and relaxed your head dozing off. He smiled. For once again in his life, he felt a sort of peace with you near him. He never did tell you before you left him (not on purpose of course) but You make him a better man. "I love you." He told you. You smiled with only your lips with your eyes still closed "i love you too." You weren't quite asleep just yet. You weren't sure you saying that meant you were cheating on the past raphael but the past Raphael is also the one your relaxed on. Sooo i guess not? He felt like he was missing you even though your here right now. Maybe Its because Your planning on leaving him for the old him. Once he arrived in an old abandoned trailer park full of old trailers and vehicles. He walked past the cream color trailers that used to be White and the black that used the be grey. He knocked on the trailer. The door knob jiggled then fell off. "fuck.." you could hear the whisper on the other side of the door. It was deep and grim sounding. You woke up due to Raphael not walking, the motion is what made you sleepy. You lifted your head and unfolded your arms and stretched with your arms extended with a yawn. You slouched "where are we?" He didn't answered, you look around to see you were in a trailer park. It was like a horror movie. You got chills and your mind went crazy with fear. "Raphaaeell...please tell me where we arreee." Just as you finished talking a Dagger was stabbed through the door. You screamed as you leaned backwards, your arms wailing around. You were falling when arms caught you before you hit the ground. The door screeched open with an 'rrrrr'. Raphael helped you stand up and you looked over his arm to see Mikey come into the light. He was wearing an orange bandanna over his ice blue eyes, you looked down at his bicep to see blue and purple bandanna tied to him, you watched as the tails of the bandanna's dance through the silent winds. "Mikey..". His eyes widened to see you completely when Raphael stood up "Y/N..But how?" He looked up at Raphael. "I don't know honestly, but i got a good feeling its from that one day we were dimension-hopping." Raphael explained. Mikey looked at you again, he walked over to you and circled you like a vulture slowly, and steadily. You watched him with your eyes and head going where he was going. He then bent his back down to look at your face closer, his hands on his straightened knees. You after awhile you just decided to Smile. it was the only thing you could think of. He then narrowed his eyes as he chewed his minty gum. He exhaled through his nose as he stood up 'dear lord he's also grew taller, he must be 6'4' you thought. He gestured raph and you to come inside. "So what made you wanna live in a creepy trailer park?" you asked as you poked at an unstable vial of blue liquid. Mikey turned around with his eyes widened "No! Don't touch that!" But it was too late you drew your index finger back with fear and watched it roll off the counter to hit the ground. Mikey growled "Great! now look what you did!" "Hey lay off, she's just a kid!" Raphael standing up for you. "Yea So were we! but here we are! Alone! Without Splinter, And Donnie and Leonardo ARE DEAD! You Can't Expect to PROTECT Everyone!" He sat down in his wheelie stool with deteriorated fabric. He sighed and rubbed his face up and down. He then put his hands on his thighs, "I'm sorry, you didn't deserve that." He apologized. You wiped your reddened eyes "Its ok" you smiled with your teeth. you looked up at Raphael then back to Mikey. "So what was the last thing you remember?" He asked. ~>BACK IN TIME<~ Raphael wouldn't leave his room for days at a time. its been two weeks since you've been gone. Leo was also very depressed. Not to see you everyday, or ever again. Donnie worked on theories on what could've possibly happened. And Mikey wasn't his cheerful self. He was sitting in an old lazy boy chair playing with a yo yo and drinking off brand Coca~Cola. "My sons! Time for Training." The boys stood up, not very convincing to the world that their even ninjas that beat the shredder. Splinter looked around at the uninhabited lifeless bodies he called sons. He walked up to Raphael's door and knocked on it "Raphael, its time for training." In Raphael's room, Raph was sitting against the wall on his unmade bed without his mask on reading your note you last left him. "Raphael.." he heard his father calling for him through the door all muffled. "I won't be training today, sensei." He answered back. Splinter sighed and left his son alone. He walked up to his other sons. "Raphael is very hurt, and it could be a very long time till he is his old self again, Even though he puts up an act of a fearless warrior, lets be gentle around the subject non of us wish to bring up." "Hai, sensei." Leonardo announced and bowed; as did the others. "Good." he turned around and guided the boys to their training room. Raphael hugged his knees and held your note in his hand and squeezed it with all his strength as if he was trying to break a piece of paper. He sniffed as a tear escaped his eye and drizzled down to his chin to where it hit his thigh. He cleaned his face with the inside of his wrist. He got up and walked to the bathroom. He washed his face with cold water. he opened the cabinet to see your toothbrush and your sensitive-tooth toothpaste. He let out a smile as he picked up your purple toothbrush with neon green accents. He held the tiny toothbrush with his hands. He then put the brush back and closed the mirrored cabinet. He took a good look at himself. He wondered what is truly was that made you love him. To love a hotheaded, monster. He noticed he had bags under his eyes from crying and restless sleep. He went potty then back to his hovel he called his room. He sat on his bed remembering the time he flipped out on you when you didn't remember when he sliced open the bedding and smashed the mirror that caused you an injury and he left the lair ridden with Guilt. He felt bad about how he had treated you in the past. If he could ever get you back in some possible way He would never ever mistreat you ever again. He sighed and then fell onto his bed as his head hits the pillows he rolled over and falls asleep. ~> IN THE FUTURE <~ Mikey wearing a pair of broken glasses; was looking through Donnie's old paperwork of Theories and whatnot. He found a file from 2016. "i think i found something." "What is it?" you asked curiously happy. Raphael wasn't all that thrilled but didn't say anything. "he crossed out allot, and i mean allot but the only one we already know is time travel but How do we reverse it?" "There's no theories on time?" "Well there's a few but even i'm not that smart do that all that." You looked down thinking of anything. Raphael sighed quietly and then left the trailer and went into the woods back to the city. "Where's he going?" Mikey shrugged unsure as he watched Raphael Leave. You Ran after him closing the door behind yourself. "Raphael! Wait." you ran after him. "Wait! Where are you going?" "Back home." "Home? you mean the sewers?" "Yea.." "Mind if i tag along." "not at all." You finally caught up beside him. He was his old shy self when you two first dated. He looked down at your empty hand swaying. He was debating on whether to make a move. He then went for it. He put his finger against the insides of your fingers, you down at your hand and smiled. He saw that smile and just went for it. he held your hand with his over-sized glove of a hand. "woaahh..I didn't know we had Cherry Blossom tree's in New York. Its amazing!" You looked up at it as the petals waltz on the wind and flew past you. your hair rustled through the breeze as you closed your eyes and indulged this moment. Raphael walked up to the tree knelt down in front of it. You were confused until you saw the concrete grave on the floor. "oh, raph, i'm so sorry. I-I didn't realize this was..his tree." "its ok, splinter passed two centuries ago. I'm lucky what i learned when i learned it. There's no way i could do what he had done for me and my brothers." He explained himself as his eyes still closed. (If this was a movie, the camera would've had Raph's face n' body in focus then when to blurry and focused on you in the background with a sad complexion as the sun was setting.) You bent down with your feet supporting your bent legs you hugged against your chest. "you've really become a wise one haven't you." He looked over next to himself to see your your bright eyes shining at him, the sunset almost made you look younger than what you were. "How old are you at the moment." "Me? I'm 18." he smirked "you look 16 years old." you smiled and laughed "yea i get that allot." He smiled with his lips with no teeth showing. "I know i'm only an old man of the man you love but will you grant this old man a request." you were kinda scared of what he was thinking. he looked you dead in the eyes as he asked "Can i kiss you for real?" You were shocked but you guessed it was alright. IT was different because Raph never asked, he took what he wanted. You smiled as your eyes softened, you nodded. He leaned in and you came forward a bit. His lips met yours softly. He pecked you then he went back in for a second kiss and then his raw passion came back. He put his hand behind your head as you put your hand on his shoulder. He pressed you against himself which made your breasts feel squished. He made you both fall onto the sakura covered grass as the kiss deepened. He was on all fours on-top of you, his palms down to the earth as his weight was on his knees. He pushed his lips into yours as you were strangely getting horny. He could smell your body becoming hotter and hotter. He then slowed down and left you with a peck. He then crawled backwards off of you and sat down sitting like a pretzel. You laid there then opened your eyes as sat up. You were about to ask "Is something wrong?" But he said something before you could "Alright lets uh continue on our way." You watched him walked past you, you looked over at Splinter's grave then got up and chased after him. After a mile of walking you two finally made it to the streets of NYC. Its weird Being on the streets with Raphael the Mutant turtle. Everyone greeted him and bothered him with autographs and photo's. Mostly tourists it seemed. Young girls would try and hang onto him. "really? even at his age??" you asked yourself. Raphael put you in front of him as you two kept walking until he put his hand on your shoulder. He stopped you, he opened a man hole and dropped down into it. He gestured you to come down the ladder which you did as such. once you were down you he led you down the tunnels until you hit a brick wall. You looked around but all you saw was a dead end. Raphael pushed in a brick which opened a pin pad, he entered the Date of which they were all created. The wall trembled with Dust and stones falling a bit. "When did that get installed?" "When donnie was still around, (he walked into the turtles old home) We were being Bombarded with Fans and stalkers so he created that." "Nice touch." You looked around the turtles old home as you spun you body around as you walked backwards. then sideways then forwards again. "Woah, Its really changed. For me anyways." "stay out here. I gotta go into my old room to get something." "okie.." You walked around the turtles home. It was and old at the same time. Cobwebs, dust, and bugs were everywhere. Some things broke in half over time. You walked into the old dojo with Graffiti. You found an old Spray Painting you and raph did together back when he was 19. You grabbed a rag and dipped it in a bucket overflowing with water, You assumed it was catching an old leak that sprung. You rung the rag out and pressed the damp rag against the wall and rubbed back and forth, up and down. The dust cleared, You read in your head again and again "I was trying to your heart, keep it in a cardboard box, so when it gets hard, you'll never be far, And your love won't be lost, As the bridges Fall apart, I still find a way to cross". You started to sing it out loud but not too loud. Like a soft loud. "Those were only part of the song you sang together. You continued it by heart And even if you are lost among the stars, Your love won't go off For me me me me it's in this But I need need need more of this Can't turn away, feel it push me, Oooh oo uuhh oohhhh," Raphael was standing 4 feet behind you without you realizing it. "I have forgotten how beautiful you sang.." " Wah! o my god you scared me. heh." "Sorry about that. Uh here put this in your pocket and give this to Raphael when you get back." He held out a note in his hand. "I'd prefer it if he reads this to you then you reading it yourself." "Oh alrighty then." you tucked in your pocket nice and deep so it doesn't slip out. He walked into Donnie's old study to find the portal still there. He pulled off a long cloak of white fabric covering the machinary of it. "Here it is.." He gestured his hand towards is not looking at you. You walked over to it, observing it. "And it hasn't fallen apart yet??" "Only cause Donnie always fooled with it get it to perfection but that doesn't mean he knew how to get you to come back." "yea..I'm sorry about that." "Why are you apologizing?" "cause..I just am." "what ever had happened was Far from your fault." you walked up to him and hugged him. He was shocked at first but then he hugged you back with his eyes wide open, drinking in every second of you as much as he possibly can. "Raphael.." "Yea?" You looked up at him as your arms still wrapped up in him. "No matter what, no matter what, I will always love you. No matter how old or Young you will be. Your the same person I fell in love with. I would only want you to be happy. No matter what the costs are. So promise when I leave, you will at the least try to move on from me, babe. Cause by this time, I'm already dead whether I time traveled or not." His eyes reddened hearing you telling him that. He just looked at you not knowing what to say. "Promise me." "I can't promise you that.." you looked at him a bit surprised "But.." "but?" "But i will try." he kneels down to your height and hugs you. "I love much. I always have, and i will forever. Even after I die. I will wait for you on the other side." You smiled as a tear escaped both of your eyes. He charged up the Machine, the mirror's got a bit of a glow to them. "Remember, this isn't goodbye, I'm gonna be with the Old you, to create memories for you to remember by time your this age." He smiled with his teeth and waved. "I love you Y/N." "I love you too Raphael." You turned around to face the mirrors, you saw your reflection then your own vision blurred your out to look over at Raphael standing behind you. You looked back at your reflection then walked through the portal. You walked through Time itself and closed your eyes. Hearing voices of Raphael this past day, and once you opened your eyes you were in Present Donnie's chambers. You walked over to the calendar. All the other days were sketched through with Permanent marker except for today. May 23rd 2016. You covered your mouth with joy and ran out of the room to also hear training. you hid yourself against the wall to just see if Raphael was even there. He wasn't. You checked the kitchen, Nope. Then you checked the living area. Nope. Your heart raced as your body drew closer to Raphael's door. You put your hand on the door to make sure it was all real. You started to cry on the inside from Joy. You knocked on the door. "GO AWAY!" you heard. So you thought you'd annoy him with knocks until he opened it. You heard a growl as he yelled Go AWAY MIKEY! You continued your knocking as you giggled. Which he didn't hear. He slammed open the door with a Jug of IceCream under his bicep and a spoon in his mouth. The carton of ice cream dropped to the ground as he took the spoon out of his mouth and put it on the dresser next to him. He walked over to you like a stunned zombie and then grabbed your shoulders hard and slammed a hug into your body as he kneeled down to you. He cried into your clothing. "I-I thought you were-go-gone for ever." you rubbed his scalp as you felt his heart ache bleed into your own. He looked up at you with his shiny wet eyes. "I love you." his quivering lips let out. "awe baby, i love you too." He grabbed onto you again. The guys came over to see how Raphael was doing but were all starstruck to see you there being grabbed onto by a big cry baby warrior. "Y/N!!!" THey all screamed as they all hugged your back and sides with Raph still crying on you. you were feeling claustrophobic. Leo was also crying a bit there too. You were surprised to see his eyes all reddened with tears. "We thought you were gone forever." Mikey also crying. The only one not crying was Donnie but he was extremely happy to see you again. After they all got settled with the idea of you being back home 4ever. Donnie let Raphael have the honor of beating up and destroying his Portal with a sledgehammer and also the mirrors that were welded together. After that he cracked his neck and rolled his one shoulder that wasn't holding the Sledge Hammer. "Feel better?" you asked. "Oh yeaaaa." You and Raphael left the room as the other cleaned up the mess. During your time being apart. Even after your departure from this world. He would need a companion. Who better than his own child. Raphael already did his part. "Raphael can i ask you of something." "whats that." You looked at how sexy and handsome this Raphael is. He so young and vibrant. "Well, its ok if you say No, but would you wanna start'a family together?" He was caught by surprise on what you were asking him. "You wanna start a family? with me?" "Well, i mean yea. If of course if thats what you want-" he hugged you cutting you off and whispered in your ear. "I would love that." You smiled big and asked "Do you we need to talk to Splinter about this?" he pulled away "Yea we probably should." "Probably should what?" "Sensei, may me, Y/N and you talk in private." "Of course." "alright please follow me, sensei." He opened the door to his room letting in his father and you. Splinter stood waiting as you and Raphael sat on the bed. "What is it that you wanted to discuss." "well, Me and Y/N want to start a Family and-" his cane hit the floor with an echo "No! That is final." "wait what?" Raphael asked confused, He thought he'd be happy to have grandchildren. "NO! Its far to risky, And you two being to different species, it could not work out as planned. The answer is No For many other reasons as well!" "Like what?" "Don't question me! I'm your sensei and your father, End of Discussion." Raphael stood up "but.." but Raph was hit in the head with a Cane really hard "ow!" "END OF DISCUSSION!" He turned the door knob to opened the door to see his sons to his right leaning against the wall whistling and humming as Mikey chewed on pizza. You sighed as Raph looked back down at you. "Oh right, Um someone wanted me to give this to you. He didn't want me reading it; he wanted you to read it to me." He took it from your hand and read it in his head. "Dear Raphael, A woman like Y/N is a once in a life time kind of gift, And when she is gone, you'll never get her back. I've lived 300 years without the woman i loved and I dont think you wanna go through something like that Twice in one lifetime. Never let her out of your sight for she may one day disappear, again." "Y/N, who wrote this." "You really wanna know?" "well yea thats why i'm asking." "It was you." "Me? I never wrote this." "In 300 years you will." "what are you talking about?" "D-Don't worry about it, Its..all in the future." "ugh Y/N your not making any sense." You walked out his room "your face doesn't make sense." you teased. "Y/N. Please tell me." "If i do will you stop asking me questions. Ok. No MORE questions." "Yea yea ok, tell me." You rose an eyebrow but gave in "I met the 319 year old you, i went into the future." "YOU WENT INTO THE FUTURE!" Donnie asked Estaticed. "O dur' lord." you whined. "TELL me everything." You covered your ears and you sung "LA LA LA LA I CANT HEAR YOU" AS you fast walked around the house as donnie chased you down over and over. Raph looked down at the note to see an arrow in the bottom corner. He flipped it over "p.s Watch out for Sacks, he was up to something. Keep an eye out for her. He had done something to her." He narrowed his eyes then looked up at you smiling as Donnie was trying to tickle the info out of you. He sighed and crumbled the paper in his hand. TO be continued..

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