The Enslavement of Janet

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However you lived your past, today you're the key to changing your future.

Short story based on characters from the ReScue Series


Laura Tolomei


"Are you sure you want to go through with this?" In front of room two hundred five, Leon spun Janet around, the leather leash he had attached to her white gold collar dangling on one side.

"I'm sure." Steadfastly, she held his gaze.

He peered deep into her eyes, their color never ceasing to amaze him. To think that they had been as grey as the drizzly sky all day long, yet now they were as green as the foxy dress he had bought for her. Which all added to her allure, however little he cared to share the thought right at the moment.

Not that it was lost on his insightful lover, whose concerned gaze he intercepted on raising his.

Yeah, maybe he was pushing too hard and going too fast, for someone who had just started to taste what sexual slavery was all about.

Sean neared her. "Lynx, we'd understand if you want to back down—"

"I said I'll do it." The stubborn creature held up her chin in defiance. "So let's get on with it."

"As you wish." He was through arguing and giving her the easy way out.

Whirling Janet around, Leon tied her wrists behind her back. Sean fitted a medium-size ball gag to her small mouth. And she was good to go.


If she thought she'd have it easy, she was dead wrong. Leon Sterling is inflexible when it comes to his slaves, as Sean Davis well knows. Only now, Sean is his fellow master, Leon's mastery over him having turned to fiery love during the first two books of the ReScue Series, Re-Scue and Tasting Leon's Mark. So there'll be no pity for Janet Ramsey, nothing except total surrender will do for her two demanding Doms. But if she's ready for them, is she also ready for the wolves that her masters will command her to serve?



"Table for three?" The floor manager at the Travelodge restaurant glanced up as Leon entered, half-dragging Janet by the waist and followed by Sean.

"Yes, please." Tightening his grip, Leon pinned her body to his.

Which was a definite mistake.

Driving from Atlanta to San Francisco to bring Sean's stuff back home, he could not believe how fucking much he craved her. This having her as a willing slave was driving him crazy with a seemingly unquenchable lust, as the hot sex in the U-Haul van had proved all too adequately.

And his forbidding her to come in spite of Sean's disapproval was not helping any. Nor was the fact she still wore the butt plug, a bigger one this time that made her all the more irresistible.

"Right this way." The man moved to the interior of the dining room.

Leon tugged Janet along the empty restaurant, save for three couples on the right-hand side. That they had to be married was only too evident. Leon had divorced too recently to mistake the signs, like the tenseness of their strained bodies and their less-than-enthusiastic attempts at any form of conversation.

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