The Enslavement of Janet

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"That's because, unlike me, you got plenty of practice with unrequited love," Leon snapped coldly.

And the fact that he now acknowledged his deep feelings for the man he had considered a mere prey for more lifetimes than he cared to count did not change the truth of his statement.

Sean spat, "That's because, unlike you, I don't hide my feelings—"

"And we all know what good that did you!" Leon retorted, referring to the tragic epilogues of their previous lives. Then realizing he had been unduly harsh, his tone softened, "I'm not saying I blame her for allowing her feelings get the better of her." Though maybe he did. "What I can't forgive is that she had to blurt it out."

"Personally, I think it took a lot of guts on her part." The note of begrudged admiration did not escape Leon's notice. "To admit it so openly to our faces."

That it did. In spite of his misgivings, she was braver than most people he knew who would have chosen the cowardly way out rather than speak their minds.

"And you know it for a fact." Sean's intuition leapt ahead. "Fuck! You were impressed," he challenged.

So Leon bit back, "What impresses me is her complete enslavement to us until the end of the trip."

"What choice did she have?" Nervously, Sean toyed with the menu. "You looked ready to ship her back home with the first available plane. And you would have, if she hadn't been smart enough to dangle the prospect of a new game."

"Which was nothing short of brilliant." Leon leaned across the table, to make sure his prey did not miss his heartfelt appreciation. "I totally agree." He straightened. "But, if she's so smart, she should've considered all the consequences before throwing herself at our mercy of her own free will."

"Consequences like letting those two wolves rip her apart?" His blond head nodded in the direction of the two men, who had been staring their way while talking among them.

"Don't worry." After a furtive glance their way, Leon immersed himself in the menu again. "We'll be there with her, to make sure they don't sink their teeth too deep."


"Had fun in the bathroom?" Getting up, Leon motioned Janet to scoot all the way to the corner.

"I had a ball." Her ass wiggled as she complied.

Which kept the two wolves, as Sean had called them, turned on to the spasm.

Pad in hand, a waiter approached, and Leon ordered for them all, wine included. For his blond prey had managed to find it even here in this godforsaken place, a bottle of white Frascati Superiore the waiter himself had no idea existed, much less was available. At least not until the floor manager confirmed it was.

Once served the wine, Leon pressed his weight against her, while Sean trapped her on the left.

"Now be a good girl and spread your legs," Leon commanded thickly.

No need to glance at the wolves to know he had their complete attention.

She obeyed immediately, sliding down the seat until the plug stuck out of the seat.

Concealed by the table, he pushed up the hem of her sexy dress, uncovering the whole of her shaven cunt. With slow, seductive strokes, he brushed her clit, hardly surprised to be swimming in velvety wet honeydew. For that was what orgasm deprivation could do to you.

Janet tensed and pushed up her hips to meet his hand. That she was dying for it was an understatement. That he would let her drown in her own craving was another euphemism. For he wanted her just like she was, trembling and screaming for satisfaction so that he could push her to a new limit and get her burning hot for the wolves.

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