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Marinette sat quietly under the tree in the front school yard. She was scrolling through her timeline on her phone, minding her own business.

"H-hey." A voice says. Marinette looks up to see Adrien. He's the cute geeky kid that sits in front of her in English literature class.

"Oh hey. What's up?" Marinette asked.

"Um... I was wondering if maybe... we... you and I... could go on da-" Adrien gets cut off by Chloé.

"Ew! Marinette is this loser flirting with you!" Chloé says pushing Adrien to the side. Adrien sighed and walked away, but stopped after a few steps, because Marinette yelled at Chloé.

"What's your problem? So what if Adrien was flirting with me! Maybe I want him to flirt with me! Also don't ever call him a loser! Because if he was a loser than he'd be making the grades you make. Which last I checked, were D's and F's because Sabrina won't do your homework anymore!" Marinette shouts. Everyone was silent and is shocked, looking at the usual quiet girl.

She takes notice of them all and blushes. Marinette takes off running out of the school yard, Adrien follows her. He follows her to the park and soon lost sight of her. He silently looks around for her until he hears crying. "Marinette!"

"Adrien." She says quietly. He turns to a tree and sees the girl that he loves, with tear stained cheeks.

"Are you okay?" He asked sitting next to her.

"I'm fine. I just don't like attention on me. Especially negative attention."

"Okay. Thank you for standing up for me. You didn't have to."

"Yes, I did. Chloé needs to know her place. And I like you and I'm not going to let her treat you like that." Marinette says looking at her hands.

"You l-l-l-like me?" Adrien blushes. Marinette blushes as well and nods her head.

"What were you trying to ask me earli-" Marinette starts but gets cut off by Adrien.

"Yes! She likes me back!" He yells. Marinette laughs. "Mari, will you go out with me?"

Marinette blushes at the nickname and nods her head. Adrien cheers again then kisses her cheek.

"I'll text you later Mari! I have to tell Niño that you said yes!" Adrien yells as he runs off. Marinette laughs and runs off to tell Alya what happened.

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