Pretty Playboy (Keefe) (18+)

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  For elves, you had no idea they could be so lewd.

  You and Keefe Sencen had been fuck buddies for a while now. He was in the Elite levels. You..did not attend school. Foxfire was indeed the only school that elves technically attended, besides Exillium. But you didn't. You were not allowed to. Keefe didn't really care though, if you didn't get any education. All he cared about was how much sex he was getting.

  Keefe was basically a secret elven pimp. You were not the only elf he screwed daily. But you recall him stating that you were his favorite. It didn't make you feel anything but broken hearted. You were hopelessly devoted to your friend with benefits. And he didn't feel anything back. It was an amazement you weren't pregnant though, unprotected sex goes a loooong way!

|| 7:56 AM ||

  You woke up and looked around, confused with the surroundings. Your eyes cleared and you realized you were at Candleshade. Glancing down next to you, you saw Keefe, still sleeping. He was still a sex god while he was asleep, his hair was even more messy, and his face was so angelic but he continued to mutter such lewd things. How Keefe could be aroused almost every second of the day and never get tired of it was so odd as well.

  You licked your lips, moving to get out of bed. Keefe's arm shot out to wrap around your waist and pulled you back. You yelped, growling a little at his action."I know you're miffed at me, baby. I'm an Empath, don't ever try to hide your emotions with silence."He stated groggily.

  You clawed at his strong arm, looking back at his sexy tired form.

  His fringe fell into his icy blue eyes as he looked up at you, a smirk playing on his perfect pink lips.

  "You're gonna be late Keefe."You scolded.

  He sat up a bit, trailing his hand down your spine beckoningly. He grinned playfully, kissing and nipping at your neck.

  "I don't care. I'll miss today..who are you, my mother?"He laughed huskily into your ear.

  You couldn't say no. It was hard to deny the playboy what he wanted when he made you want it with his irresistible aura. You bit your bottom lip gently, dropping your [YEC] eyes to examine his bare broad chest. He turned you around to face him, capturing your lips in his.

  He was delicious. An addictive taste you never wanted to flush from your system. His touch set you on fire. Keefe massaged the inside of your left thigh, breaking away from your lips to suck on your collar bone. Abuse it with bites and kisses. You took hold of his free hand, it was big and slim. Desirable with a gentle arousing touch.

  You let out a breathy moan, resting your head on his shoulder. Pressing the side of your face into his neck. You reached under the covers, grasping his erect cock in your hand. He let out a throaty groan, which tickled your face.

  The Empath thrusted into your hand desperately. Letting out a begging whine. You loved it when he begged. You simply palmed him a little, releasing him. "[YN], you slut. Stop being a tease."He growled, nipping at your sharpening ear tip.

  You giggled, obeying the playboy.

  You began to pump him, smiling as he snarled like a sex hungry animal. His muscles rippled beneath his sheet of skin. You drew circles on his lower back with your free hand. Keefe emitted hot pants on your neck when you leaned over. You could feel your core getting warm as you realized you were doing this to another being and it would escalate. And Keefe was a goddamn vermillion in bed. If there was an animal even worse, you'd use that one as a comparison in a heartbeat.

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