Chapter Six

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The reason it's Dylan Sprayberry, who is apparently a teddy bear in a TV show, is to show that rapists can really be anyone. They don't have to be the most intimidating person or someone who is unattractive. I wanted to show that. They can be who you least expect. (Not saying Dylan Sprayberry is a rapist by any means).

Thank you to everyone who is reading the story so far, I can't believe we've already reached 200+ reads!! Every comment I get makes me smile, and every vote makes me that much happier :)

Silently Falling: Chapter Six


"I'm absolutely, positively screwed for this chemistry quiz." Alyse grumbles as we stop by her locker.

"You're going to be fine," Gray says, leaning against the sea of blue and orange lockers. Our school couldn't have chosen more cliche colors or a more cliche mascot; the Jaguars of East Bridge High School.

There's not even a West Bridge High School; or a North, or a South.

"It's not nice to lie, Gray." I say, hiding a smirk as Alyse glares at me.

"I'm such a failure, I didn't study." She groans, hitting her head against her locker.

"That would be because we didn't know we were gonna have it. Hence the term 'pop quiz.'" I sign, this time letting my smirk take over my lips.

"You shut your trap."

"I never opened it."

"Gray, back me up here!" Alyse says, turning her head to where he just was. Now he's off flirting with a slutty freshman, pinning her against the lockers with his 'charm.'

Poor girl looks like she's ready to take him here and now, and I'm sure his fashion sense is helping that along. Out of the three boys, Gray dresses the best. Today he's sporting a rather dressy outfit. Dark wash jeans with a dark brown, leather belt and a sleek white dress shirt under a tan corduroy vest.

The girl blushes as he takes a small step closer to her, his blue eyes flickering over her figure. I bet she hasn't heard of his reputation yet, or maybe she doesn't care.

She's freaking 15, Gray. And in three months she's going to be illegal.

I sigh and start to follow Alyse as we walk to chemistry. One of my most recent songs flows through my head as we walk down the tiled hallway. I was playing it last night on the piano while Toby was out to pick up dinner. I was supposed to be doing homework, but my mother's old piano was calling out to me.

I couldn't just ignore it.

The particular song I was working on is a new one I've been writing for Mr. C. It's due at the end of the week and I'm almost done with the music, it's the lyrics I have to work on now. He wants three new songs by the end of the month, which is two and a half weeks away, and the song due on Friday is one of them.

What usually happens, is he introduces them to the class one by one- as I complete writing them. But the class has to know all three by a certain time before we can start rehearsing the show as a whole. Mr. C is actually the first one to sing every one of my songs since I can't sing them for myself.

I avoid using Alyse just because it doesn't seem fair for the other students if she knows the songs before them. Not to mention that unfairness carries over to her because Mr. C won't choose her for certain solos, labeling it as wrong since she knew the song before the everyone else. It would cause drama that can easily be avoided.

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