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The Razor Rocks pack has been around for years.

The stories of their actions have traveled across the country. The very name strikes fear into the soul of even the most battle hardened wolves. Children were told to fear them.

The children of Alpha Razor were feared since birth, trained to thirst for the blood and flesh of others between their teeth.

December Razor is the middle child in her family. Raised on blood and violence, she doesn't know love. Your worth is determined on blood shed.

She isn't weak.

She isn't helpless.

She could snap your neck in a second. Get too close and you might just lose your head.

December doesn't speak her feelings, she speaks her mind. She's just as strong as any male and won't be mistaken as weak.

Enter, her mate.


My eyes met his.

The deep brown color shined in the slight sunlight along with a slight hint of fear.

'Mate,' My wolf echoed in my head. 'Go to mate.'

My fists clenched at my side as I kept eye contact with the stranger. My breath choking in my throat, my lungs on fire. My heart attempting to break out of my chest.

He was beautiful.

By the look on his face, I know that he was also aware.

His chocolate colored eyes ran from mine over my face, taking in my eyes and skimming my nose. They moved past my lips to my jaw and then downward to my body.

My brother's voice was completely blocked out by the thudding of my heartbeat in my ears.

If possible my body became even more stiff with the overflow of emotions.

My voice was bored sounding as I spoke two words that sealed his packs future.

"Kill them."

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