The Alphas' Son

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Although this story is now about Luna's son, Mason, I wanted to do a recap on what happened after the end of the first book. You don't have to read the first one (The Alpha Female) but I'd appreciate it if you do but I want this to be a stand alone book so if you haven't read T.A.F then this chapter may be confusing but the rest won't be.


Memoirs of an Alpha Female

Luna's P.O.V

Things weren't always happy between Max and I. It seemed like things were finally sorted between us, there were still issues keeping us from being truly 'together'.

Of course when I told him that I was pregnant again he was ecstatic, that was to be expected and everything went smoothly, the second time around everyone was less careful with me so I didn't have to sit around all day like when I'd had Mason.

I had to say I actually enjoyed being pregnant this time around and like the first, I milked all the attention.

Max was enjoying it so much that I had to remind him that I was not a baby making machine and that this baby would probably be our last because although I loved Mason more than anything, I don't think I could deal with more than two children, much to Max's disappointment.

That feeling didn't last long because, wanting the sex of the baby to stay secret, it was such a surprise to hear that I'd given birth to a girl. I'd actually been expecting a boy so it was a pleasant surprise.

The second time around I'd pushed and she had been born without much drama, same as her brother.

''So much for you only producing boys'' I joked, Max glared and poked me playfully ''It only means you cheated on me''

''I didn't cheat, she has your nose stupid'' I said looking down at her, her eyes were wide open and she was watching us with her curious hazel eyes.

He shrugged ''Coincidence'' then came the difficult decision on what her name would be. He had his heart set on Ashley, despite knowing how much I hated the name, personally I liked the name Lily.

We'd argued and argued about it until our parents stepped in, suggesting that we compromised on both names.

In the end we chose Leigh, it wasn't a typical girls name but it seemed to fit her personality, already we could tell that she was as feisty as I was and when she wanted something she let us know immediately

. At first I was worried about how Mason would react to her, like any other older child he was jealous of the attention Leigh was getting, having been used to being an only child.

Every time I put Leigh down he'd run over and stay with me rather than playing with his toys, thankfully though this stage passed as he got older and he got used to his little sister.

He even tried protecting her at the age of three when she'd began trying to climb in the fireplace. He'd shouted ''No!'' and she'd listened to him which was so adorable I'd actually felt tears in my eyes once I realized what was going on.

After the whole Isla situation I thought that he would stick by me rather than just treating me like the housewife I'd never wanted to become. Ever.

We'd made the decision to kick her out of the pack and to send her to another one that took in abandoned or disowned wolves. If she ever tried coming back here she would be attacked by the pack.

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