My name is Shelly i am 17, believe it or not i am only 4ft 11 i have short manageable hair and a cute face well thats what im told anyway. I'm I have pretty ordinary life. Nothing special, I have these two absoultly beautiful best friends: Kelly and Beth!:) They live in the next town along which is quite rubbish because when i want to see them i have to either get my mum to drop me off or walk- which will neber happen, trust me!;)

All of us (Me Beth and Kelly) have a uncontrolable obsesion of 1D we have said in the past we would do anything to meet them especially me :D!


There as a sudden buzzing of my phone i checked to see i had several missed calls and five messages all from Beth and Kelly. I instantly replied with ' Heyy! Wazz up??<3' a few minutes later I had two messages from the girls saying 'you'll never guess what!!!!! 1D are coming to Scunthorpe! <3' i screamed at the top of my voice to attract the attention of my confused mum. She asked me what was all this row was about. Trembling about the thought of my hero's coming to my hometown overwhelmed me. I replied tobher question with a stutter in my voice. She just replied with ok i was shocked at this she new what this ment to me and she could tell by the slight rocking motion i was tranced by! I walked up to my room and flopped onto my soft bed and thought of what i would do when i met them, well mostly him Niall Horan i love him with all my heart. But then it suddenly hit me when was it? I rush over to my phone texting both the girls when it was a few minutes later i had a buzz ftrom my phone i quickly saw that they were coming tomorrow at 1 in the aftetnoon and that Kelly's mum was picking us up i practically fell down the stairs to ask- well beg- my mum to let me go. I got on my knees and gave her puppie eyes(this ALWAYS worked:D) she looked at me confused. " you know 1D are coming tomorrow can i please please go met them!?" 

"tomorrow, its abit sort notice isnt it" she asked  

"its a one in a lifetime chance mum please!!?" i had tears welling up in my eyes. Mum saw this and eventually gave in with my persuading antics :)! I was over the moon and leaped up and dived on to her snuggling into her warm and welcoming arms. I scrambled up to my room to let Kelly and Beth no that i am coming to meet the gods of music!:)

later that day i went into my ensuite and had a shower to be fresh before i met my future husband, it was about half 11 when i dozed off and fell into a deep enchanting sleep of how my day with 1D would be the dream was incredible ( as Harry would say! what the diaries has done to me!) i wished that this amazing dream would come true, i dint have long untill my ride comes 2 hours! Not long at all i ran to my wardrobe to see what was suitable for today; 1D hoddie? no to cheesey, a nice short cut top? Yeah!? Now for trousers bootcut? No to old, Shorts? No! Skinnys? Hell yeaa :) and i quickly slung on some pumps. I almost forgot my hair and make up! I decide to straigten my hair until no hair was the tiniest bit curled i sprayed some hair spray so it would stay:) now for make up i thought i would go for my normal look minimal foudation, a fair bit of mascara and a bit of eyeliner i eventually finished geting ready and started to tease my hair abit. I had one more look at myself and i looked ok but no ones perfect right? I headed down stairs and grabbed a slice of toast-golden brown just how i like it!- i bellowed to house down saying "by peeps off to see 1D!" Mum shouted back "ok love hope you have a nice time." I smiled to myself as i saw to stunners at the end of the drive, Beth and Kelly they looked amazing! Both had their hair down and leather jackets on with skinnys :) we all looked a picture.  

"We off to see them then?" i asked with a smirk on my face  

"Yeah!!!" they replied in unison. We walked along the narrow path to be met by Beth's mum who kindly dropped us off because Kellys mum was ill. We couldnt stop talking about it on the way there we were all so excited! Wouldnt you be? We got there. I could barely contain my excitement! I tried to open the door but i wouldnt budge to then i shouted "CHILD LOCK!" everyone laughed and even Beths mum let out a little chuckle. We all caught a small glimpse of the boys in the van as soon as Michelle had left i said to myself "wooah Niall looks even fitter in person!" to which they replied

"well norr!!" i laughed i saw them look at us i just gave a cute little wave and smiled :3

*Nialls POV*

As we drove in to scunthorpe in the van i saw these three girls and they all looked very pretty, but this one girl caught my eye the most, the small one. I hope she is the same age as me? We all got out the car to be met by a swarm of fan girls, pffttt we hate it when people do that we prefer it when they treat us like normal people not celebrities, because we are dont see are selves like that we just think we are a group of five boys who got lucky! Thats all.

*Beths POV*

"CHILD LOCK!" Shelly screamed i laughed and let her out. We all saw a black van drive past us and we instantly thought it was them the people we came to see 1D ( see what i did there? it rhymes!) After a while Shelly just burst out saying "Niall looks fitter in person!" me and Kelly just shook our heads and replied with "well norr"!

*Shellys POV*

"Kelly your not talking much today are you?" i asked. She kept quiet for a bit and said "What? sorry i was staring into space:)" she gave a smug look.

We better go then if we want to meet them. Finally we got there and it was packed with 'fangirls' eurggh we hate them as much as 1D! We found a nice spot after we fought with this girl with a inch thick of foundation slapper on her face. Our spot was next to where they would pass. We were soo excited but we maintained our composure and stayed calm They walked They walked towards us but quickly turned off to face the 'pretty girls'. This made me sad because if they went to the pretty girls then they wouldnt talk to me :(. I let out a great big sigh trying to get there attention. It worked but they only looked. I sat down not budging. The sun light beaming down on my as i put on my retro sunglasses;) After being burnt by the sun a dark shadow moved towards me. I let out a massive sigh this time. "Could you please move? Im trying to get a tan, my skin is white if you havent noticed?" I complained. "Shelly?! Look"" Beth and Kelly nuged me. "Well its not like it is 1D now is it? Why would five fittys like them come to talk to me? Now is it?" I moaned. "Just look!" Kelly urged. "Fine if i have to!" I groaned. I stood up took of my sunglasses and my jaw dropped about ten metres as i saw who i was stood in front of. "omg." I could say anymore than that, i was, well speechless! "I'm so, sorry." I was in shock. A fangirl pushed her way to the front yelling Louis name, I couldnt out up with it. I tapped her on the shoulder and politely asked her to step aside. But oh no, she didnt want to do hat now did she? No she didnt. I had to, the only way to speak to them. I tapped her on the shoulder and BAM. I slapped her. "Sorry you had to see that, but i just hate ignorant people, dont you?" I asked trying to look cute smiling at the ground. Other 'fans' looked at me in dispear. "What, she asked for it?" i yelled impatient with the other 'fans' who just want to get in their pants. It's just totally pointless because they wont let them?