Chapter Two - Part Two

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We continued our facade of language learning until the expected visit of the chief. He rushed Zek out of the room and assured the hustle and bustle of the dinner service was enough to keep everything quiet. He was nervous today. I see it in his pace and hear his heart beating rather quickly. He must not have been a man that appreciated authority over himself.

“I want you out of here as quickly as possible. Do you understand that, Bin-Rah?”

“I want out of here just as badly as you want me out, chief. Unfortunately for you, eyesight doesn’t just grow on trees.”

“Eyesight or not, you are leaving. I just don’t need you giving me trouble on your way out. Do you understand that?”

I was right about his scar. There was one long scar down his face from his forehead to his chin. There was a second next to his eye on his temple. They looked like claw marks. From the same size scars on his arms, nearly parallel, up and down his arms, on across the torso and on his legs. Along with them had been his accompanying tribal tattoos. They covered most of his body and stopped at his neck.

He was a mountain of a man. I felt it was nearly inhuman how large he really was. I knew laughing at him and his intensity would have been rude so instead I looked down and gathered myself.

“I supposed you are referencing my visit into town?”

“Nobody needs to see you there! My village has been desecrated enough! I don’t need the Court sending their peons here anymore than they already do.” He was red in the face. I laughed at the wrap around his torso that assisted in the healing of his ribs. He wanted to slap me but wouldn’t risk being further injured.

“I am not here to make trouble for you. I don’t even know who I am.”

“Lay low. Just… lay low.”

The next morning, I awoke to Zek patting my face with water. He was trying very hard not to make eye contact with me again and I respected that. I sat up and took the towel to do it myself and he stood to get me my breakfast. It seemed I would be given mostly fruits on this day, nothing I remembered.

Our chief left early this morning on a pack of animals, I could assume horses. It seemed he was heading the patrol which would show the high priestess out of the village. It was obvious she didn’t belong here regularly and so she wouldn’t stay long. I also knew it wasn’t long until my own journey would start however mine would not require an escort. There was only one snag in my plan to escape.

Zek moved forward and grabbed my bowl. Before he could pull away I grabbed his arm and looked up at him. No one was in earshot. It would be fine to speak causally.

“Are you a slave?”

“A service boy.” He placed the bowl down and got the water to pat my head ready.

“Does that mean I own  you?” It was a weird question but he didn’t seem to mind. I stood up and walked around the bucket of liquid and confirmed my suspicions that this wasn’t water. Much like the river or lake I fell into, this liquid was something different. It was only the slightest bit thicker than what water was, as I could remember that is. It also had a sweetness to it. As it sat in the bowl, the sun reflecting off of it, rainbow colors swirled around inside of it.

“The village paid for me to be the assistant of the Bin-Rah, so yes.” He stared at me with his bright golden eyes for another moment before looking back towards the wall of the hut to avoid eye contact.

“What would happen to you if I left?” This is where the silence came. He was scared and nervous. Instantly, his eyes traveled to the location in the village where the girl he seemed so infatuated with resided. He then started to turn pale again. I stopped his train of thought, “What would happen?”

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