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Chapter 4



I backed away slowly, glancing around the room, his two formidable friends making perfect blockade.  I was trapped with no way out.  Here I was, all alone with these so  not normal people.  People who were claiming to be vampires.  Apparently, no matter what else, they were straight up crazy people.  I was staring at Luke, who was watching me as intently as I was llooking for a possible escape.


"Max, will you please relax?  Nobody here is going to hurt you," he was saying.  I continued to inch away from him.  I was sweating, but could feel a cold chill all over my body at the same time.  I was pretty sure I was going to throw up, too.  "Let’s go to the game room where we can watch some TV, maybe get something to eat,"  he continued, gesturing toward the stairs.  “We need to talk.”  I shook my head.  “No.  I want to leave, and I want to leave now."  Luke nodded.


"I'll take you home, but you can't leave until you understand everything.  So, we can sit in the game room, or we can go eat in the dining hall.  Whichever makes you feel more comfortable.  I was speechless for a moment, trying to decide whether this was some sort of trick.


"I don't want to eat with you people.   I certainly don't feel like being your dinner."  I managed to say.  The giant guy started laughing.  I wanted to hit him, but knew I didn’t stand a chance.


"We are not going to eat you, Max.  We will go to the game room and play some videogames or watch a little  TV, then I will explain things better. so you can understand."  He was already walking back up the stairs.  I felt reluctantly compelled to follow him.


I tried to focus on following him, but the presence of his friends stalking behind us was rattling me.  My emotions were all over the place.  I had this vision of them sneaking  up on me and trying to eat me or something.  Luke kept climbing the staircase that appeared to go on forever and I was becoming tired very quickly, yet everyone else didn't seem to be slowing down at all.  Once we finally came to a third landing, my legs were starting to burn.  I was relieved when Luke turned and walked down a hallway off this landing.  He opened a set of double doors,  motioning for me to go in.  I didn’t really want to go in first.


Luke apparently got the clue, and went in.  I followed, albeit, grudgingly.  The room was empty except for three sofas that surrounded a coffee table.  There was a large wide screen TV that took up a large part of one of the walls.  There was massive collection of movies and games stacked all over the back.   Okay, reptilian people/vampires, whatever they were, at least knew how to have fun.  Luke walked over  and sat on the sprawling couch directly across from the TV.  I was startled by the door closing behind me.  I must have jumped about a foot in the air at the sound.  Luke's friends sat quickly on each of the opposite couches.  I realized I would have to sit on the same couch as Luke, or I might just not sit at all.  I should have taken one of the vacant couches before his friends sat on them.  


"Come, Max, just sit with us.  We can watch TV or play a video games.  We basically have  everything,” Luke was bragging.


"I don't really want to hang around.  I just want this over and done with, so I can go home."  Irritated by all of them trying to get me to let my guard down,  so they can trap me and and eat me... or worse..

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