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I haven't used one since.

I was sitting down watching TV, letting time pass by. I made some popcorn and sat on my couch and watched this horrible, predictable scary movie, if you want to call it that.

"Don't go through that door," I said stuffing my face with popcorn. Of course, she opened the door and the murderer was right on the other side, "I told her not to open that door."

My phone buzzed, "Hey are you getting ready?"

I texted him back, "yeah. How's it going down there?"

"It's actually going better than I expected. I can't wait until you see it."

"Me too."

"Well I'll pick you up in a little bit."

The timer went off on my phone indicating it was time to rinse this out.

"Okay," I whispered to myself. I picked up the blow dryer and set it to warm as the girl said.

Here goes nothing.

An hour later I was finally done blow drying my whole head.

My arms feel like jelly!

Now for the flat ironing process. If blow drying took this long I can just Imagine how long flat ironing my hair would take.

Two hours later I was almost done.

I can't feel my arms anymore! This girl makes it look so easy!

I was on the last strand of hair.

Thank god!

"Okay now our next step is to curl our hair with our curling iron-"

Nope. Not today. I was happy with having my hair just being straight. Hair is too much work.

I heard the door open downstairs.

Shit! I'm not ready!

I finished putting the final touches on my outfit, but someone walked through the door. Someone I never would have suspected.


I saw her look up and down at me.

I'm so dead! I'm so dead! I'm so dead! She hates it when I'm in her room, going through her stuff. I don't know how I'm going to get out of this.

"What are you doing?" She asked.

At least she didn't seem mad.

"I'm sorry mom, but this guy invited me to this art gallery and I had nothing to wear so I went in your closet to get something to wear, but I was going to give it back and I noticed my hair was a mess so I needed to do that, but I cleaned up my mess and I'm really sorry mom, don't kill me." I bowed my head down hoping my mom would forgive me.

She stood there motionless. It was like she lost all life inside of her. Her eyes had bags under them and they had dark circles surrounding them. But what really took me aback is the smile that formed in the corner of her mouth.

That smile.

I forgot the last time she smiled.

"Are you ok mom?" I didn't know whether to be happy or frightened.

She walked toward me with that same smile on her face. She started to smooth out my dress and fix my hair.

"You look beautiful, Lucy."


"You look stunning. This dress was practically made for you. Wait here let me get something to top it off."

She went into her jewelry box and found a necklace with a strange jewel on it.

"There, Perfect."

I felt my chest, where the jewel was, I clutched it with my hand, "Why are you giving me this?"

"It goes with the outfit." She sat on her bed.

Before I could say anything the doorbell rang.

My heart skipped a beat.

He's here.

I rushed to the door, but heard a faint voice, "have fun, Lucy."

I raced down the stairs to see the one person I've been looking foward to seeing all day.

"Natsu!" I opened the door.

My mouth almost fell open by how handsome he looked. He was wearing a nice suit and his hair was combed back revealing the small ear piercing I never seemed to notice.

He turned, "Hey Lu..cy." He looked at me up and down, mesmerized.

"D-Do you like it? My dress?" I spun around so he could see every part of my outfit.

"Yeah, you look beautiful."

That same heat invaded my cheeks again. Something that only Natsu has been able to do to me.

"Shall we?" He stretched his hand out for mine.

"We shall," I smiled.

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