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She was beyond beautiful. [e/c] tantalizing eyes, natural rosy cheeks, lips in the color of [l/c] and [h/c] hair falling perfectly above her [h/l].

He couldn't take his eyes off her. She's gorgeous and she's literally the exact meaning of the word perfect. She was breathtaking, and it's impossible for someone not to like a fine young woman like her.

"Here's your order, [Name]." He heard the waiter mumble so softly and Sasaki watched how she smiled so sweetly at him before muttering a quick 'thank you'.

He sighed. [Name]. That's her name. Even her name sounds so beautiful. He couldn't believe that someone as beautiful as her even exists in this world.

He quietly watched from the distance as she carefully sipped her coffee, her eyes closed as she appreciate the taste of her favorite beverage.

She's so beautiful.

That's all he could ever think of. And Pity was the only thing he could feel for himself for the only thing he could do is watch from the distance, which is something that a normal human being would not do if he or she is interested to another human being. No, a beautiful human being.

Yes, she's beautiful. So beautiful.

Then he hit himself. He already said the word beautiful too much this day. He should definitely check for more synonyms for that word later.

He sighed for the upteenth time as he sipped from his coffee before shifting his gaze towards the girl again.

His eyes studying her features once again. He didn't like the word but stalking was never his thing. He shouldn't be this timid.

Especially now that she's looking at him. Looking at him dead in the eyes. Staring back at him with her wonderful [e/c] eyes.

Oh no.

He held his breath and looked away almost immediately. Eyes wide, cheeks flushed and heart beating rapidly as he stare into nothingness, away from her interrogating gaze.

She just caught him staring at her!
looking at her, checking her out or stalking her, he didn't care! She caught him. She saw him creepily gawking at her.

And she just smiled. She just smiled at him.

A/n : This is based on the song itself (Chivalry is Dead). Fuck that piece, it turns me on.

Anyways, This book isn't just romantic or any shit, it's filled with stupid things too. So expect a chapter that definitely won't make any sense.

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