Down the Rabbit Hole

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"AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!?" Katsumi screamed as she plummeted to her doom... or, at the very least, a possible broken arm.

She stopped screaming when she realized that she not only was not falling—she was surrounded by a bluish-purple light. It was pretty cool, until her whole body suddenly felt like it was on fire. She yelled in agony while her whole body convulsed like she was having a seizure, and her head felt like it was being split open with an extremely dull axe. After the pain finally subsided, Katsumi breathed a sigh of relief. Then she slammed into the ground. Hard.

"Ooow..." Katsumi groaned. She sat up and looked around only to see that she had ended up at the bottom of the well after all. "Well, that was anti-climactic..." she deadpanned. "Hey, Kagome-san!" Katsumi shouted, hoping Kagome could help her out. "Kagome-san! A little help here, please?" No one answered. She sighed. 'Guess I'll just have to get out of here by myself,' she thought. Thankfully, there were at least some vines growing on the well walls. Still, scaling an old well in a miniskirt that kept threatening to ride up on you, while still maintaining a semblance of dignity, was no minor feat as far as she was concerned. 'Wait... there weren't any vines in the well house, were there?' she wondered when it occurred to her to question their convenient appearance, but it was a passing thought. She had to focus on climbing to avoid slipping. After what felt like an eternity, Katsumi finally reached the top of the well and flipped over the side. "Phew!" she sighed in relief, eyes closed as she plopped herself onto the ground. She heard someone approach her. "Hey, Dog-boy, what's the big idea?" Katsumi snapped as she opened her eyes to glare up at the rude guy she held responsible for her miserable experience.

She instantly froze. Not only was she outside in an unfamiliar clearing, but she was looking into a different pair of amber eyes. The wrong pair. These eyes were cold and harsh as they glared down at her as if she was a bug stuck to the bottom of their owner's shoe. Katsumi's hazel eyes widened when she took in his appearance. He was handsome. No, he wasn't just handsome—he was hot. His long silver hair was so brilliant, it was almost white. He had two magenta stripes on each side of his well-defined face, magenta lining his top eyelids, and there was a purple crescent moon on his forehead. He had delicately pointed ears, too. He held himself in a very dignified manner, and he had an aura of nobility, like her mother's, only his presence was much more intense, oppressive, and demanding... and deadly. She felt like she was being cornered by an extremely powerful predator. He was ethereal, dangerous, and although she normally wouldn't use this word to describe a man—beautiful. With his outfit, he looked like an elf-lord that had robbed a samurai of his armor. It appeared he only had one arm, but Katsumi knew better than to think that made him less of a threat. She remembered in some of the legends her mother had told her that some of the more powerful youkais could take human form. She didn't know how, but she just knew that this man before her was a daiyoukai.

"What did you just call this Sesshoumaru, hanyou?" the daiyoukai asked coldly. She noticed he was speaking a more archaic form of Japanese. A chill went up Katsumi's spine, like someone had just walked over her grave. Despite his stoic appearance, she could tell he was pissed. She eyed the sword hanging at his side.

'Crap. I am so dead,' Katsumi thought, chagrined. "Sorry! I-I didn't mean you! I wasn't looking and I thought you were someone else who was here just a minute ago!" she quickly explained. "He had dog ears, hence the 'dog-boy'. I meant no disrespect... Sesshoumaru-sama." She hoped that was his name. he did call himself that... Since she was still alive, Katsumi figured she must have done something right. 'Wait... did he just call me 'hanyou'?' she thought, furrowing her brow slightly in confusion. Katsumi bit her lip to keep herself from saying something the feudal elf-lord would most likely make her regret. She wanted to tell him off, but she didn't have a death wish.

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