CHAPTER ONE : Introduction to my life

So here’s the story my name is Talola I’m sixteen yes just in case  you didn’t hear the last bit teen and never been kissed . So how sad is that yah I know  its something that I’ve had all my life some people say it proves my innocent side  but I say it’s a  thing I have that doesn’t attract boys, but mom says that prince charming will come along one day I just have to wait for him his still on his journey so till then I’m in school with my best friends. Mel ,Charlie , Caleb and last of all Georgee and that’s all of us were a strange group ,I mean Mel’s a weird crazy person Charlie’s into Goth stuff. Caleb’s into sports  but really fancy sports like horse cross country and equestrian and Georgee’s a nerd but a good looking  nerd and I, I’m just plain old boring Talola yeah I know weird name but my parents didn’t Know what to call me it was between Lola and Tallulah so they compromised so I was saying I’m a average normal girl who likes music like My chemical romance okay I’m kinda an emo but only because i love black and death is that crime? Oh I also like cooking and like going out with mates and parties and a laugh see normal expect I love reading old romances I’m a sucker for those and vampires I wouldn’t mind if they sucked me hehehe that is not dirty . So as I was saying we all fit in the misfits club but we don’t care we like us for what we are not on what we look like and me I consider my self as a average sixteen year old with problems. I’m the only one without a boyfriend and hasn’t got a first kiss yet. Yeah I know its not so bad loads of girls haven’t had there kiss yet but trust me it is bad when your in a year group with every and I mean everyone with their first kiss already all of them had their first kiss in year six and we are in year eleven well early year eleven and in a year group where everyone brags about having sex   and teases you , yah not so fun . l Trust me it’s not so nice to be the only one so my first kiss is going to be this year, no matter what anyone says . So I’ve got three suspects who I think like me Shaun potter who is always giving me side long glances in class ,Peter water who is always talking to me  and last but not least Lewis  Stewart who is drop dead gorge you see I’ve had a crush on him since fourth grade and in fifth grade they were rumours that he said he thought I was pretty and those are the suspects but they’re completely different Shaun is into sport but has a soft side Peter is a shy to himself person but cute and Lewis is a gorgeous black haired guy who’s very mysterious and sexy and also in  Cay’s class , he’ll just drop hints like don’t you think that Lola is cute for me . OMG! You’ll never guess what happened at lunchtime Jolie carter broke up with Samuel smart  apparently Samuel nearly cried Aw cuteness . Did I mention I get easily distracted .

After school all of  us the gang were walking home when I asked Cay

 “Cay will you do me a favour” and he said

 “No I’m not doing anything for you”

 then I said


 then he said

“Because you always want something to do with me talking to a boy for you, gosh why can’t take being alone”

how mean is he so I said

“So you want me to end up alone your nice” then   he said

“N-NO that’s not what I meant”

 He said frustrated then he hesitated and said

 “Okay what do you want” he sighed

 “Only for you to ask Shaun and Peter if they like me pretty please” I said very quickly.

“Okay but this will be the last time I do this DEAL”

“DEAL” I laughed.

-a while later-

“Hey mum I’m home”

 You see my mom is a house wife and my dad is the boss of a law firm he gets paid enough for 3 holidays a year or 4 if we wanted to but we save that money for my collage and university funds so far were up to 5,473 pounds yeah and I’m only sixteen they want me to get into a good collage and uni so far georgee moans about how I’m rich and how she’s poor she only can afford 2 holidays per year and her dad always gets a big Christmas bonus. Poor my ass .

“Yeah I’m just in the kitchen I’m making cake for dessert hope you like lemon cake with lemon frosting  it looks amazing if I do say so myself”

 she shouted from the kitchen you see  I got my cooking streak from my mum we love to bake together.

“How was school today honey”

 she said emerging from the  kitchen with flour on her nose.


 I replied which was a lie I had terrible day, boyfriend hunting was harder than I thought it was hard work is what it was, after talking to my mum I went upstairs and changed and went on my laptop sometimes i wonder if there was anything else besides facebook on my laptop it was the only website I went on after a whole 2 hours of facebook time I went downstairs for dinner. Dad was  home  so it was a nice family dinner we had the whole hey kiddo hi dad conversation and after dessert we all watched t.v in the family lounge on the sofa  the I went to bed and preparing myself for the day ahead. And I slept and slept until I was completely dead to the world zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

-next mourning-

NA-NA-NA-NA-NA-NA-NA that was my alarm on the bedside table it was time for me to get ready to go to school  you see most days I didn’t  have to get up so early but that was when my mum  was driving me to school but she had some community  work today you see in her extra time she works voluntarily for the community centre  it keeps her busy and she likes helping people , its one of my mothers many talents . So as I was saying once I got ready I went downstairs for breakfast I heard my dog Kibbles bark at the door it must have been someone at the door but someone new cause he knows the smell of all my friends DING DONG “Coming  just a minute” I really wondered who it just as I was about to open the door I could just about see Caleb but someone else behind him though the glass . As I opened it I was right it was Caleb but with OMG it was Shaun potter with his causal rolled up blazer sleeves and amazing tousled hair which looks like he woke up and left it but the truth would probably  he spent about 30 minutes trying to perfect it then I opened the door.

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