Chapter 35

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Previously in Dark and Dangerous Love

Alice let out a sigh. “I need you to help me save this baby…”


“I will try to keep this baby thing under the radar from Marcus as long as I can, so I need to stay in the palace till I deliver the baby… Zayn loves you and he will do anything that you want, and Marcus follows Zayn’s orders like a puppy, so I need you to ask him to let me stay as long as I can.”

“What if this doesn’t work and Zayn or Marcus finds out?”

“Then I have a plan B.”




There were a lot of things that Evelyn wish that she could change about her life, but not necessarily has the power to do so.

Though her life was a wheel on fire, running out of control, there were still things that she could do to help those whom she loves.

Alice’s fate being one of them.

Evelyn and Alice Blackburn.

The two cousins from the same bloodline who got involved with the wrong people and had their happiness torn away from them.

The cold autumn air caressed Evelyn's cheeks as she pulled her coat tighter around herself. Her body was still weak from the trauma of her birthday eve, her body was only just getting better and she didn’t want to fall ill again.

Her eyes focused on Zayn, sitting on a marble bench barely 100 yards from where she stood, he wore a navy colour trench boat over the black suit, white under shirt and a thin line of crimson red tie that decorated his chest.



“What’s plan B?” Evelyn asked, fear boiled in the pit of her stomach, she had a bad feeling about the sound of a Plan B, whatever this plan is it can’t be good… It’s the backup plan, and the backup plan is never something that you want to take when things like life and death are involved in the situation.

“That’s for me to know and hopefully never for you to find out.” Alice tried to lighten the situation by throwing humour into her voice, but it didn’t work. Instead, it just nerved Evelyn even more.

Evelyn tightened her grip around Alice’s hand, her eyes stinging with salty liquid, and her arms trembling with fear. “Don’t do anything stupid, please.”

“I won’t.” The older Blackburn promised, and she guided Evelyn's hands towards her stomach, her blue eyes glowing with happiness and a familiar light that Evelyn had not seen from Alice for a long time. The same kind of light that used to reflect from her own eyes, but that light had long been lost. “I will never do anything stupid now that I had this little angel to take care of, I will never do anything special as long as I have him.”

“Him?” Evelyn gasped. “You already know the sex of the baby?”

“No, but I have a feeling that it’s a boy, a boy with golden hair, pale, porcelain-like skin, and eyes as blue as ours, but with a few flecks of golden stretching from the pupils…”

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