Bonus chapter - Maya and Dylan's wedding

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*Just to give you guys a simple idea of what it looks like again*

*Just to give you guys a simple idea of what it looks like again*

Bonus chapter - Maya and Dylan's wedding

Bonus chapter - Maya and Dylan's wedding

I stand barefoot on the sand, smiling at the scene in front of me. The sun is about to set and there are roses spread out on the isle.

I see Dylan standing at the end of the isle wearing a white tuxedo smiling at me and my heart starts to race again.

This is actually happening!

Ruby is wearing a light pink dress, she is my maid if honor. A few other guests have come to watch. There is a beautiful cake and the entire thing is absolutely perfect.

A musician starts playing the wedding song and my grip and the bouquet of flowers tighten.   

I slowly start walking down the isle, a ton of emotions flooding through my body. I feel like I want to cry and sing and jump up and down and run really far away or even run straight towards him and just start making out with him. My body feels like it's tingling with excitement and I'm trying to seem as normal as I can even through I just want to start skipping down the beach.

I have no idea how Dylan managed to sort out the entire wedding in one day. He is absolutely amazing. I still can't believe I am about to get married to him. He is the type of guy you dream of getting married to while you sit at home, stroking your cat as an old lonely lady.

The fact that he is wearing a tuxedo makes him look about one thousand times more attractive.

I reach Dylan and I turn to face him. Slowly, he pushes the veil over my head and his eyes light up when he sees me. I smile so hard I feel like my mouth might break. Nobody could ever explain the feeling you get when you are about to marry the love of your life.

My stomach feels like its doing back flips and my hands are shaking. Dylan takes my hands in his and leans his mouth to my ear, "You look stunning, my princess."

The priest starts giving a speech and we wait patiently to give our vows.

"Maya," Dylan says, smiling and looking down into my eyes, "I know we can't be perfect, nothing can be, but the best times we have had are the times where things were so imperfect that they were perfect to me. I remember that one time when you tried baking me a cake and it got burnt and you were so upset but I said just put candles on it and pretend it was okay. It may have not been edible and it might have gone from a vanilla cake to chocolate," I laugh and Dylan chuckles, "but it still felt perfect to me because it was made by you."

"I want to spend the rest of my life with you and if anything ever goes wrong, I want to be your candles. I will always be there to make any burnt cake moments in your life seem better. I'll be there with you until the end, Maya." he says and lightly squeezes my hand.

A tear slips down my cheek and he mouths the words 'I love you'. I say my vows to Dylan and the priest continues once I am done, "Do you, Maya Densil, take Dylan Thompson to be your lawfully wedded husband?" he asks me and I nod, tears falling my eyes, "I do."

"Do you, Dylan Thompson, take Maya Densil to be your lawfully wedded wife?" he asks Dylan and Dylan smiles, "I do."

"You may kiss the bride." the priest says and we both lean forward. Dylan places his lips gently against mine and I feel like I can place a bet on the fact that my heart just exploded.

This is the random part in a movie where I just lie on the sand and start singing and rolling around because that is exactly what I feel like doing right now.

Everyone around us, even the guests that came to watch, start clapping and cheering. I pull away from Dylan and smile, turning to look at everyone.

Dylan picks me up bridal style and I squeal. He carries me all the way back to the bedroom and places me down gently on the bed.

"This dress looks gorgeous on you, but it would look even better on the floor." Dylan whispers and I chuckle, "As long as I get cake after." I say and Dylan laughs, placing his lips down against mine.


This was the last bonus chapter!! Ahhh! Thanks for reading <3

So it's now it's officially over. I still can't believe it *sheds a tear*

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