Bonus Chapter

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Bonus chapter - Dinner

I stare at the mirror in front of me. I am wearing a black dress that has intricate silver patterns on the chest section.  

Dylan comes up behind me and wraps his arms around my waist, kissing my neck gently, "You look good for thirty nine." he says and I turn around to glare at him, "Are you saying I'm old?"

"Uh, n-no I just-" I burst out laughing, "I'm joking Dylan, I know I'm old. But when I turn fourty I want candles that say twenty nine okay?" I say, still laughing.

He rolls his eyes and goes to the mirror to put on his tie. I sit on the bed and watch him, he still looks as good as he did years ago, many agencies have offered him modeling jobs but he actually became a doctor.

Oh yeah, he's also a multibillionaire and its not because of his dad. I'm really proud of him. Not to boast but I am doing pretty well myself, I'm a product designer and I have made billions.

Cue the hair flip.

Whenever someone says not to boast it is actually to boast. Its like saying not to be mean but I'm going to be mean. Not to be racist but I'm going to be racist. Not to be rude but... You get the point.

"Hey babe, can you help me." Dylan says, fumbling with his tie. The reason we are going to this dinner is because it's Sebastian and Malaika's anniversary.

We all saw each other last weekend for lunch but Sebastian invited us all again. I haven't dressed up really fancy for a few months and dressing up is really fun but the best part is dressing up my little daughter, she's like a little doll and her hair is so soft.

I get up and help Dylan with his tie then walk down the stairs to see Ria sitting on the couch in her little pink dress with her brown pigtails curled on each side of her head.

"Daddy, why is Jason holding his friends hand?" Ria asks, pointing to Jason and Zayn. I laugh and Dylan smiles then looks at me, "Ask your mom." he says and walks out the door.

"Mom-" I sigh and cut Ria off, "Ria, get in the car." I say.

"Do I have to?" She asks and pouts. She's three and already wants to stay at home instead of interacting with humans.

She's definitely my daughter. "Yes." I state firmly. "But why?" Ria argues.

"Because I said so." Oh God, I just became that mom. Just kidding I have always wanted to be that mom since the day my mom said it to me.

"I am going to count to three. One," I put up one finger and Ria started looking scared. Jason told Ria to run before it was too late and so she runs out the door in her little pink plastic princess high heels.

I laugh and shake my head, "Come on boys, lets go." I say and they walk out the door and I follow.

"Daddy, can I get a boyfriend?" Ria asks Dylan. I silently laugh and look at Dylan, "No." he says sternly, keeping his eyes on the road.

"But dad, Jason has one." she argues.

"You're not getting a boyfriend."

"I'm getting a boyfriend." he says and folds her arms, leaning back in her booster seat.

"No, you're going to become a nun." Dylan says and I start laughing harder, Jason and Zayn start chuckling as well.

"I am still getting a boyfriend, even if I am a nun." she says defiantly.

"Ria, if you get a boyfriend I will break his legs and clean my gun in front of him every time he comes over for dinner." Dylan comments and I start laughing so hard that my stomach hurts.

"No!" she shouts. "Daddy, I-" Ria starts but Dylan cuts her off, "I'll kidnap you're boyfriend and store him in the fridge." Dylan states and by that point I am in tears.

This is going to be a long car ride.


"Ria! Don't lick your friends!" I scold Ria as she licks Caleb's cheek. Caleb is the same age as Ria and Gina, he is Sebastian and Malaika's son and Gina is Ruby and Ryan's adopted daughter.

Sebastian laughs and shakes his head at the kids as they run off the the play area of the restaurant.

Jason and Zayn have gone off somewhere with Sebastian's two daughters; Cassidy and Laura. Gina, Ria and Caleb are on the jungle gym. I made sure to get a table where I can see them. My children mean so much to me, more than I could have imagined.

I watch as Ria hugs Caleb and Gina pats the head of a smaller baby that is sitting in the sandpit. The sun has set long ago and we are sitting on a balcony that is overlooking trees as well as the kiddies play area.

I turn back to my friends that feel more like family to me. My parents died a while ago and they were the only children in their family and so was I so I basically have the opposite of an Indian family. I have no cousins or aunts or anything like that.

Ruby holds Ryan's hand and they smile at each other, I roll my eyes, it has been so many years and I'm still not used to them together. It's just so weird.

Sebastian and Malaika make a good couple. They both have dark hair and beautiful eyes, Malaika is actually a Muslim but her skin is lighter than Sebastian's. They made the best looking babies ever. Okay that was really pedophilic but whatever.

I'm shipping Ria with Caleb because he is going to grow up to be quite handsome as well. Okay, if you tell me you have never looked at a child and thought they would be good looking when they are older then you are lying.

We have already eaten and so the waiters bring the cake and start singing as the sparklers shoot tiny sparks everywhere. "Go, go, go, shawty, It's your birthday.
We gon' party like it's yo' birthday.
We gon' sip Bacardi like it's your birthday." They start singing and we all laugh, "It's an anniversary not a birthday." Ryan cuts in.

They stop singing, "Oh, well happy anniversary then." They all say and walk off. Ha, we ruined their vibe.

"Well cheers to life then, huh? Oh, and you guys better come to Caleb's birthday, it's in two weeks time." Sebastian says.

As if we have a choice, if we said we were unavailable, he would kill the person who is in charge of us not being available and then throw us over his shoulder and drag us to the party.

Ah friends, we really need a T.V show.

- said every group of friends ever


Well I hope you guys enjoyed this bonus chapter. I think there will be two more before this book is officially over *pops a party popper* I dont know how to feel about this. Sorry to say but I am not doing a second book :( xxx

So who do you guys ship?

#Daya= Dylan and Maya

#Cia= Caleb and Ria

#Jayn= Jason and Zayn

#Malastian= Malaika and Sebastian

#Ruan= Ryan and Ruby (If you can think of a better ship name then let me know cause idk)

#Main= Maya and Sebastian (If you have forgotten, his surname is McLain)

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