The Tip of The Iceberg

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  • Dedicated to Owl City

Okay, this is a really weird/freaky story.  Haha.  But it's based off of Owl City's song, The Tip of the Iceberg.  The video is to the right :)

He hoped he would surprise her.

All that Adam was thinking about was her:  Tally.

Adam trekked through the cold Canada wilderness, snow falling into his eyes.  Around him, all he could see was white: White ground, white trees, white clouds.... all covered with snow.

All around him was white, and he was the only thing that stood out.... he had on a grey beanie hat, a grey scarf, and a thick jacket.  His snowshoe tracks were the only signs of life that the place had seen in awhile.... The only evidence that anybody survived.

He shivered, squinting up at the sun.  It was about six in the afternoon. 

He could see Tally now:  The way that when she shivered, he held her.... How they held hands and just the act of holding her hand sent butterflies to his stomach....

Of course, that was before Tally moved.

Tally's father had gotten a better job here, in Canada.  And so she had left.  Without even a goodbye.

Adam came here, to surprise her.  His truck had broken down a couple of miles ago, and there was nobody coming down the road, so he decided to walk to Tally's house and get some gas there.  Hopefully, Tally would be happy to see him.... he just wanted to at least see her one last time, before saying goodbye.

His memories of Tally were interrupted by the falling of more snow.  Adam kept walking.  Pretty soon, his vision was obscured by the snowflakes falling gently to the ground.  It soon clouded his vision entirely, until he couldn't see his hand in front of his face.  Adam found a mound of rocks that sheltered him from the snow.  He sat down, holding himself close.

The wind blew even harder now, and he was glad of the small bit of shelter he had.  He could keep going if he wanted to, though.

He could keep going if Tally was with him.  Even if the ground was frozen and cold, and her house was a million miles away, he could make it for Tally.

He rested his head on the rock beside him.  Who was he kidding, he couldn't make it.  Tally's house was a few miles away, and with the snow falling like that, he DEFINETELY couldn't make it.  So he closed his eyes and thought of Tally.

Adam had a dream.  In his dream, he was walking through the snow, running.  He could see Tally's house.... just a little bit closer.  He reached her house, and just as he was about to throw open the door, the dream ended. 

Adam woke up a few hours later.  It was still cold, and snowing.  He checked his phone.  It read 11:45.  He tried to call the police, but his phone popped up with an error message:  "Your cellular phone's temperature is too cold to run.  Please charge or warm up to use."  Then it turned off.

Adam sighed.  He guessed he would just have to wait out this winter storm. 

Hours later, around 6 in the morning, Adam was going crazy.  He was weak from hunger and coldness and exhaustion.  His toes were frostbitten, his fingers were froze.... He started hallucinating.  He saw Tally.... out in the middle of the storm.

"Tally!" Adam called, and ran into the middle of the snowstorm.  Her long blonde hair was blowing in the wind; she was staring straight at him.  She almost seemed to glow in a weird kind of eeriness. 

"Tally!" he called again, and he saw rivulets flow from her eyes.... purple paint ran from her mouth like a waterfall.... her lungs crystallized.  Tally was in trouble.... Adam had no idea where he was or what he was doing, all he knew was that he had to save Tally.  He ran towards her.

He'd travel the sub-zero tundra.  He'd break glaciers and frozen lakes.  He'd do whatever it took to save her.

He came to where Tally was, finally, only to see that she wasn't there.  Adam looked back to his shelter of rocks, but he'd lost his way in the storm.  His footprints had been covered by the falling snow.

He sat down and let snowdrifts build up and enfold him.  He would wait out the storm. 

Little did he know that was the place he would die an hour later.

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